West Virginia Wrestling

Elkview Invitational

Date: January 17, 2015

Team Scores
Elkview 132
McKinley 120
John Adams 117
Dupont 117
John Adams B 115
Cedar Grove 112
Horace Mann 80.5
Sissonville 74.5
Stonewall 34
Elkview B 10
McKinley B 8.5

Championship 78: Sullivan (JA B) WBF Dotson (Dupont)
Championship 84: Holt (Elkview) WBF Fore (JA)
Championship 90: Whittington (Siss) WBF Perry (HM)
Championship 95: Conaway (JA B) WBF Dotson (Dupont)
Championship 102: Isabell (JA) WBF King (JA B)
Championship 110: Johnson (McKinley) dec Huffman (JA) 7-2
Championship 116: Isabell (JA) major dec Birurakis (JA B) 9-0
Championship 123: McCray (Dupont) WBF Pettry (CG)
Championship 128: McCray (Dupont) tech fall Stewart (McKinley) 16-1
Championship 135: Baker (HM) WBF Kyle (McKinley)
Championship 145: Creameans (CG) WBF Griffith (SJ)
Championship 155: Shamblin (Siss) WBF Spencer (Elkview)
Championship 171: Rupe (Elkview) WBF Foster (HM)
Championship 190: Vickers (HM) WBF Koontz (Elkview)
Championship 275 Perry (CG) WBF Johnson (HM)

Third 78: Bryant (JA) dec Teel (Elkview 7-0
Third 84: Pettry (Elkview B) dec Mitchell (Siss) 12-5
Third 90: Evans (JA) dec Bortay (HM) 4-0
Third 95: Morris (McKinley) dec Hall (Elkview) 8-7
Third 102: Barker (McKinley) dec Ramsey (Dupont) 6-2
Third 110: Kee (Elkview) WBF Green (Stonewall)
Third 116: Ford (CG) maj dec Andrews (HM) 9-1
Third 123: Boggess (McKinley) dec Burdette (Siss) 2-0
Third 128: Blankenship (CG) dec Hughart (Siss) 7-4
Third 135: Starcher (Dupont) dec Mullins (Elkview) 8-3
Third 145: Guidry (McKinley) dec Rollyson (Elkview) 6-0
Third 155: Short (CG) WBF Myers (HM)
Third 171: Boggess (McKinley)
Third 190:
Third 275:Jackson (Elkview)


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