West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia Duals
Middle School Division
Parkersburg South High School

LaSalle (LS) 84  Trinity White (TW) 6
78 Dustin Norris (LS) WBF Ryan Hormickle (TW) F 2:36
84 Lucas Byrd (LS) WBF Will Tripoli (TW) F 2:20
90 Blake Michaels (LS) WBF G. Martini (TW) F 0:29
95 Colton Robins (LS) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
102 Dylan Walker (LS) WBF Chris Reeves (TW) F 0:15
110 Andrew Roth (LS) WBF J.T. Porter (TW) F 0:58
116 Tanner Perdue (LS) WBF N. Martini (TW) F 2:32
123 Matt Lewis (LS) WBF James Snoderly (TW) F 0:46
128 Trey Sizemore (LS) WBF Isaiah Jenkins (TW) F 2:23
135 Kenny Ealy (TW) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
145 Drew Weichers (LS) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
155 Jared Uran (LS) WBF Regis Seng (TW) F 0:26
171 Michael Baker (LS) WBF A.J. Mauro (TW) F 0:12
190 Garrett Bledsoe (LS) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
285 Wade Humphries (LS) WBF Wyatt Horne (TW) F 2:20

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