West Virginia Wrestling

Morgantown (MORG) 72.00 Philip Barbour (PHBA) 9.00

January 8, 2016
AT Guard Duals

106: Ethan McLean (PHBA) over Rediet Knight (MORG) (Dec 7-6)
113: Eric Shriver (MORG) over Clay Hutchison (PHBA) (Fall 0:21)
120: Dylan Weimer (MORG) over Tyler Shomo (PHBA) (Fall 1:59)
126: David Murphy (PHBA) over Joey Fox (MORG) (Fall 1:19)
132: Kirk Moore (MORG) over James Murphy (PHBA) (Fall 1:51)
138: Aaron Sanders (MORG) over (PHBA) (For.)
145: Cory Hupp-Lasure (MORG) over (PHBA) (For.)
152: Alex Shriver (MORG) over (PHBA) (For.)
160: Tristan Goss (MORG) over Anthony Phillips (PHBA) (Fall 1:34)
170: Jeremy Clawges (MORG) over Frank Maley (PHBA) (Fall 0:42)
182: Logan Wotring (MORG) over Jesse Kennedy (PHBA) (Fall 0:30)
195: Josh Hite (MORG) over Tyler Riel (PHBA) (Fall 5:16)
220: Chris Pitcher (MORG) over Brandon Kyle (PHBA) (Fall 0:29)
285: Mitchell Powers (MORG) over (PHBA) (For.)

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