West Virginia Wrestling

Results for Philip Barbour AT Big Ten

February 5-6, 2016
AT Big 10 Conference Tournament

106: Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) over Dustin Reynolds (Lincoln) (Fall 2:51)
Semifinals - Noah Hodges (Grafton) over Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:22)
Cons. Semis - Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) over Jessica Holyfield (Robert C Byrd) (Dec 11-6)
3rd Place Match - Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) over Tavian Richardson (Fairmont Senior) (Dec 7-4)

113: Tanner George (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Brock Whorton (East Fairmont Hs) over Tanner George (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:36)
Cons. Quarters - Austin Gibson (Bridgeport Hs) over Tanner George (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:30)

120: Tyler Shomo (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Logan Wagner (Liberty (Harrison)) over Tyler Shomo (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:33)
Cons. Semis - Cameron Wilson (North Marion) over Tyler Shomo (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:11)
5th Place Match - Logan Wagner (Liberty (Harrison)) over Tyler Shomo (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:17)

132: David Murphy (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - David Murphy (Philip Barbour) over Hunter Bradley (East Fairmont Hs) (Fall 1:01)
Semifinals - David Murphy (Philip Barbour) over Levi Crites (Buckhannon-Upshur) (Fall 1:24)
1st Place Match - Khaleb Fazenbaker (Fairmont Senior) over David Murphy (Philip Barbour) (Dec 8-7)

160: Anthony Phillips (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Anthony Phillips (Philip Barbour) over Cody Herbert (Buckhannon-Upshur) (Dec 12-8)
Quarterfinals - Dylan Kincell (East Fairmont Hs) over Anthony Phillips (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:52)
Cons. Quarters - Anthony Phillips (Philip Barbour) over Russell Shiflett (Elkins Hs) (Fall 1:57)
Cons. Semis - Alex Odom (Liberty (Harrison)) over Anthony Phillips (Philip Barbour) (Dec 4-3)
5th Place Match - Anthony Phillips (Philip Barbour) over Gibson Barnard (Lincoln) (Fall 2:03)

170: Frank Maley (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Austin Stahl (North Marion) over Frank Maley (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:12)
Cons. Quarters - Jack Wilson (Buckhannon-Upshur) over Frank Maley (Philip Barbour) (Dec 4-2)

182: Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Aaron Montalvo (Buckhannon-Upshur) over Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) (Fall 3:46)
Cons. Semis - Clinton Mayle (Grafton) over Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:30)
5th Place Match - Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) over Lucas Jennings (Preston Hs) (Fall 4:14)

195: Tyler Riel (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Todd Blaney (Preston Hs) over Tyler Riel (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:55)
Cons. Semis - Cam Stewart (East Fairmont Hs) over Tyler Riel (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:44)
5th Place Match - Tyler Riel (Philip Barbour) over Blaine Werstler (Bridgeport Hs) (Fall 3:25)

220: Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Daniel Hopkins (East Fairmont Hs) over Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:21)
Cons. Quarters - Matthew Biggins (Preston Hs) over Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:15)

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