West Virginia Wrestling

2nd Annual Mountain State Novice Championships

February 28, 2016
AT Ripley Middle School

4 and Under

1st Tony Mowish - Cougars
2nd Zeke Brown - Lewis County
3rd Hunter McCullough - Lubeck
4th Cruze Clendenin -Ripley
5th Reagan Blackhurst - Ravenswood

1st AJ Ayers - Mineral Wells
2nd Mason Cobb - Mineral Wells
3rd Landon Williams - Walton
4th Trent Adkins -Ripley

1st Trystan Shahan - Jr Patriots
2nd Cade Monroe - Cougars
3rd Owen Jackson - Vienna

1st Jackson Butcher - Lewis County
2nd Jackson Barton - Vienna
3rd Colten Ferrell - Jr Patriots
4th Ezra Anderson - Calhoun County

5 & 6

1st Enoch Quesenberry - Ripley
2nd Noah Myers - Ripley
3rd Gauge Goodrich - Calhoun County
4th Drake Cook - Young Guns
5th Keaton Davis - Pleasants County
6th Shane Reed - Ripley

1st Cash Clendenin - Ripley
2nd AJ Poellot - Lubeck
3rd Porter Cole - Vienna
4th Kendrick Durst - Ripley
5th Caden Sayre - Ripley
6th Emmitt Myers - Cougars

1st Blake Reutershoild - Cougars
2nd Brian Thomas - Cameron
3rd Brayden Staats - Wahama
4th Evan McCullough - Lubeck
5th Dutch Sandy - Williamstown
6th Brayden Riser - Mineral Wells

1st Dominick Frisenda - West Fairmont
2nd Austin Modozakowski - Ripley
3rd Parker Jodon - Wahama
4th Torin Casto - Ripley
5th Devin Ruppenthal - Vienna
6th Tripp Lilly - Young Guns

1st Slaton Davis - Vienna
2nd Blake Thompson - Ravenswood
3rd Adin Davis - Williamstown
4th Tucker Sampson - Calhoun County
5th Israel Schindler - Ravenswood
6th Jack Roton - Jr Patriots

1st Jace Starcher - Ripley
2nd Luke Steele - Cougars
3rd Bryan Phillips - West Fairmont
4th Peyton Dye - Ind
5th Dillon Plymale - Wolf Pack
6th Spencer Cook - The Hill

1st Elijah Peyton - Lewis County
2nd Asa Yost - Mineral Wells
3rd Ian King - Ripley
4th Kevin Myers - Cougars

1st Jackson Ullum - Calhoun County
2nd Zacharia Medina - Cougars
3rd Tyler Whitlatch - Vienna
4th Issac Simmons - Ravenswood

1st Declan Ferrell - Jr Patriots
2nd Bryar Anthony - Lubeck
3rd Liam Delancey - Pleasants County

7 & 8

1st Xavier Wells - Wirt County
2nd Trevor Reed - Ripley
3rd Jacob Simmons - Ravenswood
4th Colton Mathis - Wolf Pack
5th Ethan Boso - Lubeck
6th Gus Hartley - Ind

1st Blake Ringer - East Fairmont
2nd Cole Smith - Jr Patriots
3rd Chance Mayfield - Lewis County
4th Jase Rake - Mineral Wells
5th Landon Davis - Williamstown
6th Levi Blackhurst - Ravenswood

1st Dalton Myers - Hoover
2nd Conner Lambert - Wahama
3rd Cade Staats - Lubeck
4th Brady Marshall - Mineral Wells

1st Derek Sandy - Lubeck
2nd Carter Kinder - Ripley
3rd Ben Barrett - Huntington
4th Daymain Pappas - Lubeck
5th Landon Demperwolf - Cameron
6th Wyatt Royal - Frankfort

1st Haiden Staton - Calhoun County
2nd Noah Dulaney - Jr Patriots
3rd Nate Deaton - Triple Threat
4th Jordan Hess - Lubeck
5th Gavin Kildow - Pleasants County

1st Dylan Walters - Mineral Wells
2nd Lathan Koher - Wolf Pack
3rd Mason Philyaw - Ripley
4th Jace McCoy - Ripley
5th Xavier Lewis - Lewis County
6th Ace Ash - Triple Threat

1st Tyler Roark - Beckley
2nd Wyatt Curfman - Lubeck
3rd Kaiden Hayton - Wolf Pack
4th Phoenix Bonnell - United
5th Bobby Richards - Ravenswood
6th Rome Riddle - Calhoun County

1st Xavier St. Andry - Mineral Wells
2nd Bailey Crouch - Calhoun County
3rd Isaac Maynard - Wolf Pack
4th Tyler Steele - Cougars
5th Trey Adkins - Ripley

1st Cooper Durst - Ripley
2nd Ayden Whited - Vienna
3rd Carter Neal - Ripley

1st Hayden Payne - Ind
2nd Charles Williams - Lubeck
3rd Beau Christopher - Huntington
4th Devon Bagley - Triple Threat

1st Parker Phillips - Wolf Pack
2nd Titus Pratt - Wolf Pack
3rd Kadyn Hutton - Wahama
4th Jake Lucas - Wolf Pack

9 & 10

1st Mac Payne - Ind
2nd Gavin Naylor - Lubeck
3rd Zane Wagnor - Ind
4th Camden Frye - Cameron
5th Chance Rine -Triple Threat

1st Jared Bailey - Ground Zero
2nd London Staton - Calhoun County
3rd Jace Toler - Ground Zero
4th Lucas Koher - Wolf Pack
5th Jaden Brookover - Vienna

1st Ryan Chafins - Ind
2nd Lodon Hess - Ravenswood
3rd Mason Nutter - Cougars
4th Jakob George - Buffalo
5th Sean Sarter - Lubeck

1st Wenkai Campbell - Preston County
2nd Hunter Anthony - Mineral Wells
3rd Jeremiah Casto - Ripley
4th River Fields - Jr Patriots
5th Caden spurlock - Midland Monsters

1st Jack Atkinson - Cougars
2nd Hunter Wolfe - Lewis County
3rd Tristen Scott - Ground Zero
4th Sam Miller - Pleasants County
5th Lucas Hall - Wirt County

1st Jose Buxo - Ground Zero
2nd Ethan Stitler - Wahama
3rd Evan Whitlatch - Cougars
4th Colby Bush Jr - Ravenswood
5th Logan Higginbotham - Leon

1st Kolton Weaver - Knights
2nd Joshua Hawkins - Lewis County

11 & 12

1st Wyatt Milhoan - Ravenswood
2nd Parker Cole - Vienna

81 lbs
1st Nicholas Cruickshanks - Hurricane
2nd Gage Cobb - Ripley
3rd Ronnie Crawford - Vienna
4th Raymond Lyons - Cougars
5th Michael Rollyson - Lubeck
6th Elijah Wolfe - Ravenswood

1st Parker Todd - United
2nd Ian Sartor - Lubeck

1st Jared Jones - Ind
2nd Colton Slagle - Williamstown
3rd Peyton Cole - Vienna

1st Kaiden Bell - Lubeck
2nd Cole Neal - Ind
3rd Justin Mace - Ind
4th Jarrett Pyles - Wolf Pack

1st Isaac Parsons - Ind
2nd Jude Childers - United
3rd Zach Johnson - Ravenswood
4th Chase Spurlock - Midland Monsters

1st Brandon Bragg - Ravenswood
2nd Spencer Waggoner - Ind

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