West Virginia Wrestling

December 5th, 2015 at Wirt County Middle School Duals

Hamilton (H) 42 vs. Braxton County (BC) 33

78 Kolton Knicely (BC) WBF John Swarr (H) F 2:30
84 Levi Westfall (H) WBF Jake Long (BC) F 0:30
90 Andrew Bush (H) WBF Sheldon Nicholas (BC) F 0:30
95 Tyee Ellyson (BC) WBF Michael Miller (H) F 0:30
102 Aiden Edwards (H) WBD Cameron Booher (BC) D 6-0
110 Aaron Corne (H) WBF David Hardman EX-HAM (BC) F 0:30
116 Logan Conley (BC) WBF Aleigha Crawford (H) F 1:30
123 Jacob France EX (WC) (BC) WBF Isaac Mitchell (H) F 0:30
128 Justin Paletti (BC) WBD Devin Elder (H) D 5-0
135 Tyler Steele (BC) WBF Gabe Atkins (H) F 0:30
145 Chance Mathess EX (H) WBD Jamie Green (BC) D 7-2
155 Quin Meador (BC) WBF Caiden Burke (H) F 0:30
171 Justin Waybright (H) WBF Jamie Yoder (BC) F 2:30
190 Remi Walker (H) WBF FORFEIT F FOR

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