West Virginia Wrestling

Philip Barbour AT WVSSAC AA-A Region 2 Championship

(02/17 - 02/18/2017)

126 K`leb Alderman (Philip Barbour) - 6th
Quarterfinals - David Williams (Grafton) over K`leb Alderman (Philip Barbour) (Fall 4:39)
Cons. Round 2 - K`leb Alderman (Philip Barbour) over Marina Stotelmyer (East Hardy) (Fall 0:00)
Cons. Quarters - K`leb Alderman (Philip Barbour) over Colby Goodwin (Liberty (Harrison)) (Fall 0:00)
Cons. Semis - Daymon Reynolds (Lincoln) over K`leb Alderman (Philip Barbour) (MD 10-1)
5th Place Match - Joshua Wojciechowicz (Bridgeport Hs) over K`leb Alderman (Philip Barbour) (MD 14-6)

145 Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) - 4th
Quarterfinals - Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) over Brent Robinson (Notre Dame HS) (MD 10-0)
Semifinals - Hovermale Colten (Lincoln) over Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) (Fall 2:58)
Cons. Semis - Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) over Jonathan Luke Massie (Bridgeport Hs) (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match - JACOB MIKLOS (Clay County) over Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) (Fall 4:47)

132 Tanner George (Philip Barbour) - 4th
Quarterfinals - Tanner George (Philip Barbour) over Charlie Mellen (East Hardy) (Dec 8-5)
Semifinals - GAVIN TRIPLETT (Braxton County Hs) over Tanner George (Philip Barbour) (Inj. [time])
Cons. Semis - Tanner George (Philip Barbour) over Francisco Reyna (South Harrison) (SV-1 6-4)
3rd Place Match - David Rhodes (Roane County H S) over Tanner George (Philip Barbour) (Fall 3:41)

152 Damian Gonzales (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Benson Bassell (Bridgeport Hs) over Damian Gonzales (Philip Barbour) (Fall 3:58)
Cons. Round 2 - JACOB WHITNEY (Braxton County Hs) over Damian Gonzales (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:00)

195 Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) - 5th
Quarterfinals - Tesse Gunter (Braxton County Hs) over Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 3:37)
Cons. Quarters - Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) over Austin Barker (Bridgeport Hs) (Fall 0:00)
Cons. Semis - Hunter Anderson (Doddridge County) over Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 3:32)
5th Place Match - Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) over Bryce Wamsley (Liberty (Harrison)) (MD 10-1)

169 Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Alex Odom (Liberty (Harrison)) over Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 3:34)
Cons. Round 2 - Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) over Ethan Kelley (South Harrison) (Dec 8-5)
Cons. Quarters - Austin Kelley (Doddridge County) over Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:00)

113 Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) - 2nd
Quarterfinals - Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) over Jackson Weese (Moorefield HS) (Fall 1:39)
Semifinals - Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) over Preston Peck (South Harrison) (Dec 10-3)
1st Place Match - Keith Skaggs (Grafton) over Ethan McLean (Philip Barbour) (MD 12-0)

138 David Murphy (Philip Barbour) - 3rd
3rd Place Match - David Murphy (Philip Barbour) over J. Bryce Stearns (Liberty (Harrison)) (MD 14-3)
Quarterfinals - David Murphy (Philip Barbour) over Matthew Wright (Moorefield HS) (Fall 0:00)
Semifinals - Jake Whiting (Roane County H S) over David Murphy (Philip Barbour) (Dec 3-1) Cons. Semis - David Murphy (Philip Barbour) over Zachery Hogsed (South Harrison) (Dec 3-0)
Cons. Finals - David Murphy (Philip Barbour) md Bryce Stearns Lib Harr 14-2

285 Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) over Joshua Ashcraft (Doddridge County) (Dec 11-4)
Quarterfinals - Garrett Ware (Grafton) over Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:23)
Cons. Quarters - DJ Smith (Roane County H S) over Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:00)

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