West Virginia Wrestling

NHSCA High School Nationals

March 24-25, 2017
Virginia Beach Convention Center
Virginia Beach, VA
Sponsored by the National High School Coaches Association

West Virginia Results

High School Place-winners (All-American)

    Peyton Hall, Oak Glen, 7-0, Champion 120
    John Martin Best, Parkersburg, 5-2 7th place 126
    Joey Miller, Musselman, 5-3 8th place 120
    Ben Lambert, Hampshire, 2-3 6th place 195
    Austin Chapman, Riverside, 2-3 8th place 285

    Brandon Moran, Martinsburg 3-3 8th place 285

    Cole Laya, East Fairmont 7-2 4th place 113

Middle School Placewinners
Mackandle Freeman, Pt Pleasant, 7th 75
Moses Eads, Tornado, 6th 75
Gage Wright, Mineral Wells, 6th 80
Derek Raike, Pt Pleasant, 4th 95
Justin White, Pt Pleasant, 4th 112
A.J. Dempsey, Huntington, 8th 135
Justin Paletti, Flatwoods, 6th 154
Colton Casto, Widen, 5th 180

Team WV 8th of 44 teams

*106 Justin Cornell, Point Pleasant 0-2
lost to Steven Wilkinson Ny d 6-0
lost to Anthony Dibartolo Ny 9-0

*106 Garret Donahue, Parkersburg 2-2
defeated Messiah Pearson Va F0:42
lost to Jeffrey Russell Pa 7-6
defeated Talon Johnson Wv F2:26
lost to Luke Hoerle Nj 7-2

*106 Talon Johnson, Nicholas County 0-2
lost to Isaiah Gorenflo Tn 7-0
lost to Garret Donahue Wv F2:26

*106 Jaishawn Lyles, Huntington 0-2
lost to Jake Wohltman Fl F1:01
lost to Micah Roes Ny TF

*113 Julio Lemus, Parkersburg South 0-2
lost to Zachary Redding Ny F2:33
lost to Jordan Robins Va 9-2

*113 Jake Staud, Univeristy 3-2
defeated Danny Khoundet Ut F0:50
lost to Jacob Duran Co 4-2
defeated Logan Mazzeo Nj 5-3
defeated Dillon Werth Va 14-0
lost to Carter Smith MO 10-6

*120 Sean Dawson, Independence 2-2
defeated Lucas Lamar Al F1:03
deeated Braxton Morgan Ok F4:00
lost to Garrett Bowers Tn TF
lost to Blaine Wilson PA 8-2

##120 Peyton Hall, Oak Glen 6-0
Champion All-American

defeated Lucas Lovellette Mo F1:53
defeated Luke Rada Nj F0:49
defeated Jacob Perez-eli Nj 3-0
defeated Ethan Oakley Nc 2-1
defeated Bryce Hepner OH F4:33
Champ defeated Chase Saldate CA 5-0

##120 Joey Miller, Musselman 5-3
8th Place All-American

defeated Kenny Marzola Nv F5:13
defeated James Lunt Ct F2:58
defeated Mathew Jun Md TF
defeated Jacob Crenshaw De 8-3
lost to Bryce Hepner Oh 9-6
defeated Andrew Clark NJ 5-4
lost to Patrick Noonan PA 4-2
7-8 lost to Sammy Heywood UT F3:41

*120 Brayden Roberts, Parkersburg South 3-2
defeated Ellery Perfect Nj F1:20
defeated Nicholas Stoltenberg Ne 4-2
lost to Sammy Heywood Ut 6-2
defeated Benjamin Maholtz SC F2:05
lost to Andrew Clark NJ 6-4

##126 John Martin Best, Parkersburg 5-2
7th Place All-American
defeated Kason Sellers Ga F1:07
defeated Jackson Gannon Sc 9-1
defeated Tristan Pugh Pa 6-4
lost to Noah Castillo Fl 6-5
defeated Adonis Lawson SC 2-1
lost to Nicholas Stonecheck GA 9-5
7-8 defeated Tyler Sung CT 5-4

*126 Zachary Mullins, Greenbrier East 0-2
lost to Kevin Duong Mo F2:50
lost to Parris Cooper Ri 5-0

*132 Bo Moler, Parkersburg 3-2
defeated Isaiah Hicks Oh F1:01
lost to Aj Tamburrino Pa F0:34
defeated Will Brock De 6-3
defeated Steven Villalobos FL 14-7
lost to Jake Insko KY 10-4

*138 Casch Somerville, Williamstown 0-2
lost to Francis Morrissey Ga F1:58
lost to Sterling Waters Va 14-4

*145 Caleb Haynes, St Albans 4-2
defeated Jake Baker Md F5:09
defeated Christian Jimenez Nj F 1:12
lost to Tanner Mendoza Az 3-0
defeated Noah Wilson FL F2:28
defeated Matthew Rogers NY 5-0
lost to Gavin Kane GA 12-4

*152 Chase Patterson, Greenbrier West 4-2
defeated Derek Padavano Ny F0:17
defeated Jarad Priest Ca F1:49
lost to Caden Wright Pa 3-1
defeated Gabe Davin IN F0:52
defeated Josh Pietarila TN F0:17
lost to Jaziah Whaley jr CO 7-6

*160 Nathan Warden, Independence 2-2
lost to Nicholas Benton Fl 5-3
defeated   Thalles Costa CT F1:46
defeated Nima Rezaei GA 4-0
lost to Jared Jenkins PA 7-6

*182 Hunter Leggett, Ritchie County 0-2
lost to Hamilton Cooper GA F1:42
lost to Quin Meador WV 8-1

*182 Quinn Meador, Braxton County 1-2
lost to Jake Fernicola Sc F3:45
defeated Hunter Leggett WV 8-1
lost to Nicholas Lisco OH 9-0

##195 Ben Lambert, Hampshire 2-3
6th place All-American
defeated Dj Perry Va F3:38
defeated Adam Wilmore VA 5-3
lost to Hunter Catka PA 10-1
lost to Jacob Stephens GA 2-1
5-6 lost to Dylan Nirk MN 2-1

*195 Juan Marquez, Point Pleasant 1-2
lost to Shamique Bryant Oh TF
defeated Cameron Naim VA F2:15
lost to Stone Summers VA 4-1

*285 Bowdy Boyce, Independence 1-2
lost to Curtis Ruff Fl 5-0
defeated Johnny Carr NC F0:27
lost to Isaac Righter MD F0:19

##285 Austin Chapman, Riverside 2-3
8th place All-American
defeated Tennessee Pass Ga F0:44
lost to Craig Orlando MN 5-1
defeated Roark Ryan CT 1-0
lost to Isaac Righter MD 5-0
7-8 lost to Jacob Edwards VA F3:11

Team WV 22nd of 45 teams

*106 Brandon Holt, St Albans 1-2
lost to Clay Beach Nc 4-2
defeated David Jackson-dodd Ga TF
lost to Vincent Scollo Nj 1-0

*113 Connor Spaulding, Ritchie County 0-2
lost to Jaylen Carson Mo F0:41
lost to Angelo Rini Oh F2:20

*113 Lane Flint, East Fairmont 2-2
defeated Josue Calderon Fl TF
defeated Chris Lanciano Nj 9-0
lost to Josh Blatt Nc 13-4
lost to Tate Stoddard Wy 7-3

*113 Jacob Simpson, University 2-2
defeated Dan Martini Nj 8-0
lost to Marckis Branford Pa TF
defeated Noah Dumas Me 8-1
lost to Mitchell Arch Pa F1:42

*113 George Smith, Point Pleasant 3-2
defeated David Ramos Ga 9-3
lost to Wyatt Kirkham Fl 4-1
defeated Kyle Guttosch Il F1:47
defeated Sterling Quinn Mt 4-3
lost to Angelo Rini OH 2-0

*126 Cayden Hoover, Greenbrier East 1-2
defeated Carter Smith Oh F3:06
lost to Nick Calderone Ny F2:50
lost to Keenan Taylor Vt F1:27

*126 Tristan Adkins, Huntington 0-2
lost to Clay Baker Pa F3:15
lost to Vincent Menozzi Fl 4-2

*126 Gavin Triplett, Braxton County 2-2
defeated Josh Gobencion Nj 9-7
defeated Fletcher Swindall Al 11-5
lost to Ray Kable Md 13-1
lost to Keenan Taylor Vt F2:07

*132 Alec Cook, Madonna 3-2
defeated Zacc Romero Ny 7-2
defeated Jonathan Ward Nc 13-7
lost to Zak Kohler Ut 13-8
defeated Tyler Dahlgren GA 5-2
lost to Reese Karst WY 12-6

*132 Taylor Hutchison, Huntington 0-2
lost to Conner Kraus Nj F2:50
lost to Noah Roulo Va F3:53

*132 Izak Petry, Riverside 0-2
lost to Samuel Glassco Oh 8-1
lost to Joshua Engstrom Ga F3:44

*138 Anthony Carmen, John Marshall 3-2
lost to Will Edgar Il 4-2
defeated Nick Ciraulo Nj 4-2
defeated Daniel Oconnor De F1:17
defeated Tyler Mackiernan NH 2-0
lost to Matt Beyer NJ 2-1

*145 Clayton Stewart, Huntington 3-2
defeated James wyatt Payne Md 9-1
defeated Jakob Alvarado Nv 12-0
lost to Zane Brown Ky F1:54
defeated Nathan Hull NC 11-2
lost to Weston Milnes-bowers AZ 2-1

*152 Zane Hinzman, Parkersburg South 4-1
lost to Aaron Wolk Ny via def
defeated Dylan Hampshire Md F1:21
defeated Joseph Schultz Ny 11-2
defeated Chase Diehl TN 5-2
defeated Cameron Monzadeh FL 3-1
lost to Nick Addison NJ 7-1

*152 Zane Lanham, Huntington 3-2
defeated Will West Al F2:27
defeated Seamus Selmi Md 11-0
defeated Nicolas Herringshaw Ny 4-2
lost to Ross Mcfarland NY 2-0
lost to Abe Assad IL 6-3

*152 Colton Carr, Point Pleasant 0-2
lost to Kraig Thomas Ny F5:09
lost to Hunter Hayes Ny F3:00

*160 Jalen King, Parkersburg 1-2
los to Ryan Humel Sc 8-6
defeated Jack Lyons Nj F1:37
lost to Logan Hart In 7-2

*170 Mason Kump, Independence 2-2
lost to Santino Morina Nj F5:36
defeated Josh Heyda Mn 4-2
defeated John Casamassina Ny 3-1
lost to Justin Henry MD 12-4

*195 Garrett Cook, Madonna 0-2
lost to Zach Marcheselli Ok TF
lost to Bradley Antesberger AK 8-0

*195 Dustin Swisher, Hampshire 1-2
defeated Jarod Camacho Tx F5:51
lost to Ryan Reyes CA 9-1
lost to Michael Doggett PA 5-2

##285 Brandon Moran, Martinsburg 3-3
8th place All-American
defeated Jeremiah Opata Nc F1:30
defeated Cayman Garduno Co 6-2
lost to Jervey Sistrunk NJ F1:59
defeated Anthony Olmedo NC 6-3
lost to John Oxce NC 4-0
7-8 lost to Darius Wilkins FL 7-0

Team WV 18th of 46 teams

*113 Brantley Guckert, Williamstown 0-2
lost to Landon Castleberry Al 8-3
lost to Jacob Allen Ca F0:24

##113 Cole Laya, East Fairmont 7-2
4th place All-American
defeated Vicente Loaiza Az 7-1
defeated Nick Kalmanowicz Sc F4:22
defeated Richard Munoz Ny 16-5
defeated Wyatt Lutz Pa 5-4
lost to Nicolas Aguilar CA 14-2
defeated Michael Gonyea NY 6-4
defeated Ty Smith NV 5-4
defeated Enrique Sanchez NJ 4-0
3-4 lost to Josiah Nava CO 3-1

*120 Brock Whorton, East Fairmont 3-2
lost to Tyler Gregor Nc 10-5
defeated Matthew Lamarche Nh TF
defeated Isaac Garcia Nm 4-2
defeated Shamun Smith Nj 8-2
lost to Chase Bittle IL F3:14

*126 Tanner Harris, Independence 0-2
lost to Elijah Palacio Ca 9-1
lost to Michael Crockett jr AR 7-3

*126 Caleb Rea, Weir 3-2
defeated Timothy Johnson-thompson Tx 5-1
defeated Troy Nation Fl 8-6
defeated Noah Caskey Ct 4-2
lost to Weston Diblasi Mo F3:32
lost to Ramazan Attasauov MA 3-1

*132 Hunter Burdette, Ripley 2-2
defeated Austin Vensil Oh F1:57
lost to Richard Gurule Ca 5-1
defeated Dennon Parks CO F1:59
lost to Liam Flaherty PA 5-2

*132 Hunter Taylor, Independence 2-2
lost to Vinny Vetrano Ny 7-5
defeated Alex Miller AL F3:01
defeated Dylan Keefer PA 8-5
lost to Riley Gerber NY F0:58

*138 Austin Pumphrey, Frankfort 2-2
defeated Camron Louis Ct TF
lost to Tristan Sellmer In 11-1
defeated Logan Gustafson Ut 8-4
lost to Logan Jensen Ut 8-1

*138 Haegan Harvey, Independence 2-2
defeated Logan Gustafson Ut 8-6
lost to Dylan Martinez Co 1-0
defeated Camron Louis CT F2:02
lost to Mason Miranda IN 4-0

*145 Stephen Carder, Parkersburg 4-2
defeated Nicholas Lenio Ny F3:48
defeated Connor Simpson Ok 7-0
defeated Eddie Hay Pa 11-7
lost to Jake Silverstein Ny 12-4
defeated Zac Feight VA F1:29
lost to Brock Bushfield MT 8-0

*145 Connor Gibson, Independence 2-2
lost to Noah Ridley Fl 3-0
defeated Branden Martin VA F2:25
defeated Sergio Valdes FL F3:43
lost to Nash Philbeck NC 4-3

*145 Cody Hagley, Huntington 2-2
defeated Mason Warner Ny 7-2
lost to Paul Searcy Nc TF
defeated Omar Smith MD F3:18
lost to Drevon Jones KY 4-0

*145 Davy Munday, Berkekey Springs 2-2
defeated James Hummel Mo 5-0
lost to Carial Tarter Al 5-3
defeated Peyton Cole ME 3-2
lost to Amadeus Concepcion FL F1:40

*152 Jared Barnhart, Hedgesville 0-2
lost to Osvani Ley Fl MFOR 8-1
lost to Jaron Brown MA MFOR

*152 Danny Booth, North Marion 3-2
defeated Mason Herring Va F1:14
defeated Jaron Brown Ma 7-1
lost to Riley Smucker Oh F3:15
defeated Jacob Roub WV F0:12
lost to Jesse Dejames GA F1:26

*152 Jacob Bryant, Point Pleasant 0-2
lost to Colt Reece Sc 8-6
lost to Vincent Vitale MO 6-4

*152 Jacob Roub, Point Pleasant 2-2
lost to Reed Williams Wi F0:50
defeated Isiah Franklin AL 4-0
defeated Christian Ramirez NY 5-0
lost to Danny Booth WV F0:12

*170 Tucker Lawaon, Independence 1-2
lost to Kyle Homet Pa 13-6
defeated Zak Hodgson NY 8-4
lost to Jack Krug NY 3-1

*182 Adam Daniels, Independece 1-2
defeated Demontay Wimbush Va 6-3
lost to Caden Steffen Mn F1:59
lost to Nick Franks OH F3:04

*195 Paul Frampton, Nitro 0-2
lost to Dylan Nerich Ny 7-6
lost to Dylan Hinton OH 9-2

*220 B.J. Haynes, Ripley 1-2
defeated Bailey Wood Ny F5:04
lost to Trent Ragland Va 3-2
lost to John Mccarthy PA 3-1

*285 Brian Gillespie, Point Pleasant 2-2
defeated G.tyler Eatman Nj F2:49
lost to Baylor Walker Tx F4:00
defeated Duncan Wilgress-pipe MA 4-2
lost to Calvin Hayford VT 1-0

Team WV 33rd of 48 teams

*120 Joshua Talbott, Hurricane 0-2
lost to Dylan Pelland Ks F0:16
lost to Aleck Nyman PA 6-2

*132 Jared Donahue, Parkersburg 4-2
defeated Darius Boone Nc TF
lost to Bradley Beaulieu Me 4-0
defeated Sammy Peticos NC 2-1
defeated Charles Thurman GA 8-1
defeated Joel Morth CT 6-4
lost to Clai Quintanilla WA 4-1

*138 Wil Jeffers, Huntington 4-2
defeated Jacob Trask Az 14-2
lost to Joshua Wyland Va 11-6
defeated Austin Cole VA F2:16
defeated James Spadafora NY 8-1
defeated Daniel Goodwin VA F3:45
lost to Daniel Goodwin VA 5-2

*138 Nathan McLaugherty, Independence 1-2
lost to Daniel Goodwin Va 15-8
defeated Zack Kreiter MA 13-3
lost to Lane Householder OH TF

*152 Kyle Ellott, North Marion 3-2
defeated Cameron Berger Ct TF
defeated Rodrigo Silva Va 7-3
lost to Dillon Cravens Ca F1:49
defeated Antonio Robinson GA 5-4
lost to Richard Govea NM 8-3

*160 Adam Frisco, University 4-2
lost to Nathan Kinsey Nc 4-2
defeated Matthew Tellez TX 1-0
defeated Joseph Garrett TN 8-6
defeated Matthew Mulholland MI 12-2
defeated Nick Gould MA 4-1
lost to Antonio Jenkinsharris MO 6-2

*220 Brice Pomeroy, Riverside 1-2
defeated Ryan Ellefsen Ny 8-6
lost to Joe Marcano Fl 4-2
lost to Damien Caffrey NY 5-1

Middle School
Team WV 8th of 34 teams

##75 Moses Eads, Tornado 4-3
6th place

defeated Gerald Kresge PA F2:56
defeated Julian Harvey FL TF
lost to Brandon Paez NV 14-0
defeated Davis Freeze NC 7-0
defeated Nico Diaz NJ 3-0
lost to Spencer Moore KY 6-2
5-6 lost to Matthew Walsh MD 6-0

##75 Mackandle Freeman, Pt Pleasant 4-2
7th place

defeated Blake Schmitt VA 9-2
defeated Blaise Albarado AL 4-2
lost to Spencer Moore KY 2-0
defeated Jacob Motyl MA 8-1
lost to Matthew Walsh MD 2-0
7-8 defeated Nico Diaz NJ 4-0

*75 Parker Henderson, Henderson 1-2
lost to Kevin Lopez NY 6-4
defeated Dylan Gorman FL 4-0
lost to Davis Freeze NC F0:25

##80 Gage Wright, Mineral Wells 3-3
6th place
defeated Steve jr Caday CA F4:08
lost to Mason Leiphart PA 8-0
defeated Logan Fowler TN F2:31
defeated Jace Schafer NY 5-1
lost to Ibrahim Ahmed VA 4-0
5-6 lost to Mason Leiphart PA 7-2

*85 Seth Holt, Charleston 2-2
lost to Nick Fea NY F0:22
defeated Jackson Merrick FL F0:50
defeated Cael Markle PA F0:41
lost to Joaquin Arroyo CA 7-0

*95 Christopher Smith, Pt Pleasant 5-2
defeated Will Miller AL 10-5
lost to Jordan Titus NY TF
defeated Gavin Andreoni KY 2-0
defeated Jeremiah Hannon SC F0:57
defeated Ian Darling MA 12-1
defeated Jackson Dutel TX F2:16
lost to Gable Strickland PA 10-3

*95 Michael Jones, Fairmont 3-2
lost to Damon Mcgee jr. VA TF
defeated Bryce Bolognese NY 5-2
defeated Kale Albritton TN 2-1
defeated Hayden Rabideau VT F2:41
lost to Jaekus Hines FL F2:27

##95 Derek Raike, Pt Pleasant 5-2
4th place
defeated Bryce Bolognese NY F2:45
defeated Conner Kimbrough GA F0:10
defeated Elijah Boyd NC F0:56
defeated Gable Strickland PA 7-0
lost to Jordan Titus NY 4-2
defeated Nick Smith AL 7-6
3-4 lost to Bailey Flanagan FL FOR

*100 Landen Hoover, White Sulphur Springs 0-2
lost to Michael Bartush CT F2:17
lost to Kaleb Burgess NY F1:37

*100 Stone Arthur, Huntington 1-2
lost to Joseph Fisk MD 14-0
defeated David Makupson NC F2:58
lost to Conner Quinn NJ 6-0

*100 Devin Easton, Washington 1-2
lost to Michael Joyce RI 8-2
defeated Tyler Whary PA F1:22
lost to Jesse Brochu NH DQ

*100 Thomas Hartley, Poca 2-2
defeated Casey Bixby NY F0:24
defeated Broc Lutz PA F0:55
lost to Aidan Jurey SC F1:21
lost to Domonic Baker VA 5-1

*112 Tate Britton, Sissonville 0-2
lost to Ethan Ferro NY F0:53
lost to Skyler Caban FL 9-0

*112 Mitchell Freeman, Pt Pleasant 1-2
defeated Kevin Muschel TN 4-0
lost to Harrison Smith VA 6-5
lost to Codey Wild NH 4-1

*112 Brady Layman, Ellenboro 0-2
lost to Nicholas Hall DE F1:18
lost to Michael Altomer NY 4-2

##112 Justin White, Pt Pleasant 5-2
4th place
defeated Sean Smith ZZ 7-0
defeated Nathan Aguilar CA 4-2
lost to Nicholas Vafiadis VA 8-0
defeated Christian Colman PA 3-2
defeated Nicholas Hall DE 5-3
defeated John Baier VA 5-3
3-4 lost to Nicholas Vafiadis VA F2:27

*119 Elijah Edge, St Albans 0-2
lost to John Cunningham PA F1:53
lost to Elias Strubler OH F1:46

*119 Nikolas Watkins, Tornado 0-2
lost to Zeyd Myers VA 6-0
lost to Seth Fernandez AZ F2:19

*127 Logan Conley, Burnsville 0-2
lost to Cody Rice FL F3:43
lost to Jackson Hulse NY 5-4

*127 Zander Watson, Pt Pleasant 0-2
lost to Brian Soldano NJ F1:28
lost to Gianni Liguori CT 7-0

##135 A.J. Dempsey, Huntington 3-3
8th place
lost to Nolin Eaddy FL 9-7
defeated Ignacio Pavioni FL 3-0
defeated Tyler Garrett GA 8-4
lost to Nathaniel Fly VA 9-1
7-8 lost to Austin Raynor NJ 6-3

*142 Oscar Lemus, Parkersburg 0-2
lost to Jake Null NY 19-4
lost to Chase Simmons SC F2:10

*142 Hayden Stone, South Charleston 1-2
lost to Joe Stover OK F2:56
defeated Triston Norris NC F2:37
lost to Colin Deaton OK F2:17

*142 Noah Casto, Widen 0-2
lost to Colin Deaton OK F1:50
lost to Sean Concepcion FL 10-0

*154 Ryder McLaughlin, Gassaway 0-2
lost to Nasir Hughes VA F0:20
lost to Samuel Bergin CT F0:45

##154 Justin Paletti, Flatwoods 3-3
6th place
defeated Riley Kuhn AL 6-1
defeated Kamien Griggs FL TF
defeated Aaron Roberts OK 5-0
lost to Jonathan List OH F0:22
lost to Peyton Mccomas VA F1:36
5-6 lost to Jayden Jackson OH F0:38

*165 Zachery Paxton, Charleston 0-2
lost to Noah Pettigrew GA TF
lost to Ethan Tomerlin KY F0:27

*180 Myson Anderson, Parkersburg 0-2
lost to Nehamiah Harris CT F2:28
lost to Ryder Wiese OK F2:26

##180 Colton Casto, Widen 4-2
5th place
defeated Nathan Wahl OK F0:56
lost to Todd Degroat NY F2:01
defeated Derrick Orvik AL F2:36
defeated Ryder Wiese OK 7-2
lost to Joshua Evans VA 5-1
5-6 defeated Todd Degroat NY 1-0

*230 Nickolas Ball, Letart 0-2
lost to Dakota Blair VT F3:15
lost to Nic Harden MD F1:24

*230 Dakota Moses, Pt Pleasant 1-2
lost to Linwood Hill VA F1:46
defeated Patrick Ganter NY F1:32
lost to Dakota Blair VT 7-2

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