West Virginia Wrestling

Johnson Central (JOCE) 57.00 North Marion (NOMA) 24.00

Date: January 5, 2018
Location: AT WV Army National Guard Duals

106: Jacob Cain (JOCE) over Austin Liggett (NOMA) (Fall 1:18) 
113: dalton lawson (JOCE) over Bryson Satterfield (NOMA) (Fall 4:55) 
120: Hunter Kuhn (NOMA) over   (JOCE) (For.) 
126: Cameron Wilson (NOMA) over jayden webb (JOCE) (Fall 3:12) 
132: Beau Bearden (NOMA) over Elijah Conley (JOCE) (Fall 0:38) 
138: David Williams (NOMA) over matthew spradlin (JOCE) (Fall 1:01) 
145: Nathan Begley (JOCE) over Kade Hayes (NOMA) (Dec 8-5) 
152: Blake Gamble (JOCE) over Garrett Conaway (NOMA) (Fall 3:04) 
160: nick stapleton (JOCE) over Cody Fluharty (NOMA) (Fall 1:23) 
170: Levid Rodriguez (JOCE) over Gabe Beveridge (NOMA) (Fall 0:34) 
182: Devin Johnson (JOCE) over Tylor Martin (NOMA) (Fall 1:10) 
195: Matthew Horn (JOCE) over Ricky Newbrough (NOMA) (Fall 0:38) 
220: Alex Horn (JOCE) over   (NOMA) (For.) 
285: Byron Pierce (JOCE) over Isaac Wilfong (NOMA) (Fall 1:07) 

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