Kanawha County Champioships (2018)

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Herbert Hoover (HrbH) 144.0 11 11 14 11 11 0 0
George Washington (GrgW) 132.5 8 10 14 7 9 1 1
Nitro (Ntr) 74.0 3 6 8 7 6 0 0
Sissonville (Sssn) 57.0 2 6 5 10 2 0 0
Capital (Cptl) 30.0 2 3 3 3 1 0 0
South Charleston (SthC) 24.0 1 3 2 7 1 0 1
Herbert Hoover 2 (HrH2) 16.0 0 2 3 3 1 0 0
George Washington 2 (GrW2) 9.0 0 1 1 2 1 0 0

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Caiden Carpenter (Sissonville)Champion1. Caiden Carpenter (Sssn)
1C. Carpenter (Sssn)

113 (back to top)

Tyler Teel (Herbert Hoover)1. Tyler Teel (HrbH)
2T. Teel (HrbH)2. Tyler Huffman (GrgW)
BYE3. Alex Cavendish (Ntr)
Tyler Huffman (George Washington)
3T. Huffman (GrgW)
Alex Cavendish (Nitro)6-5
T. Teel (HrbH)T. Teel (HrbH)
from N:229T. Teel (HrbH)from N:2953T. Teel (HrbH)
A. Cavendish (Ntr)FallT. Huffman (GrgW)Fall
from S:3from S:30
A. Cavendish (Ntr)
from S:230T. Huffman (GrgW)from S:2954A. Cavendish (Ntr)
T. Huffman (GrgW)BYEBYE
from N:3from N:30

120 (back to top)

Hunter Whittington (Sissonville)Champion1. Hunter Whittington (Sssn)
4H. Whittington (Sssn)2. Jordan Meadows (Cptl)
Jordan Meadows (Capital)Fall

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Justin Stover (Herbert Hoover)1. Jack Lorea (GrgW)
5J. Stover (HrbH)2. Justin Stover (HrbH)
Casey Burdette (Sissonville)Fall3. Casey Burdette (Sssn)
4. Dallas Hazelett (Ntr)
Jack Lorea (George Washington)
6J. Lorea (GrgW)
Dallas Hazelett (Nitro)9-0
J. Stover (HrbH)J. Stover (HrbH)
from N:531J. Stover (HrbH)from N:3155J. Lorea (GrgW)
D. Hazelett (Ntr)FallJ. Lorea (GrgW)7-2
from S:6from S:32
C. Burdette (Sssn)D. Hazelett (Ntr)
from S:532J. Lorea (GrgW)from S:3156C. Burdette (Sssn)
J. Lorea (GrgW)17-1C. Burdette (Sssn)Fall
from N:6from N:32

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Austin Conaway (George Washington)1. Brock Perry (Cptl)
7A. Conaway (GrgW)2. Austin Conaway (GrgW)
BYE3. Gabe Price (Sssn)
33A. Conaway (GrgW)4. Will McCallister (SthC)
Gabe Price (Sissonville)Fall
8G. Price (Sssn)
Cayden Dexter (Herbert Hoover)8-3Champion
75B. Perry (Cptl)
Brock Perry (Capital)4-2
9B. Perry (Cptl)
34B. Perry (Cptl)
10W. McCallister (SthC)
Will McCallister (South Charleston)BYE
W. McCallister (SthC)
L:3457W. McCallister (SthC)
L:735C. Dexter (HrbH)10-0Third
Cayden Dexter (Herbert Hoover)BYE73G. Price (Sssn)
L:8G. Price (Sssn)5-4
L:3358G. Price (Sssn)

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Luke Hughes (Nitro)1. Luke Hughes (Ntr)
11L. Hughes (Ntr)2. Hunter Douglas (HrbH)
BYE3. Matt Moss (Sssn)
Hunter Douglas (Herbert Hoover)
12H. Douglas (HrbH)
Matt Moss (Sissonville)13-11
L. Hughes (Ntr)L. Hughes (Ntr)
from N:1137L. Hughes (Ntr)from N:3759L. Hughes (Ntr)
M. Moss (Sssn)FallH. Douglas (HrbH)9-3
from S:12from S:38
M. Moss (Sssn)
from S:1138H. Douglas (HrbH)from S:3760M. Moss (Sssn)
H. Douglas (HrbH)BYEBYE
from N:12from N:38

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Ben Kee (Herbert Hoover)1. Ben Kee (HrbH)
13B. Kee (HrbH)2. Malaki Green (SthC)
BYE3. Logan Vest (Ntr)
Logan Vest (Nitro)
14M. Green (SthC)
Malaki Green (South Charleston)Fall
B. Kee (HrbH)B. Kee (HrbH)
from N:1339B. Kee (HrbH)from N:3961B. Kee (HrbH)
M. Green (SthC)FallL. Vest (Ntr)Fall
from S:14from S:40
M. Green (SthC)
from S:1340L. Vest (Ntr)from S:3962M. Green (SthC)
L. Vest (Ntr)BYEBYE
from N:14from N:40

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Brayden Elswick (George Washington)1. Brayden Elswick (GrgW)
15B. Elswick (GrgW)2. Christian Hall (HrbH)
BYE3. Logan Mallory (SthC)
Christian Hall (Herbert Hoover)
16C. Hall (HrbH)
Logan Mallory (South Charleston)4-3
B. Elswick (GrgW)B. Elswick (GrgW)
from N:1541B. Elswick (GrgW)from N:4163B. Elswick (GrgW)
L. Mallory (SthC)FallC. Hall (HrbH)Fall
from S:16from S:42
L. Mallory (SthC)
from S:1542C. Hall (HrbH)from S:4164L. Mallory (SthC)
C. Hall (HrbH)BYEBYE
from N:16from N:42

160 (back to top)

Zach Paxton (Herbert Hoover)Champion1. Zane Zimnox (GrgW)
17Z. Zimnox (GrgW)2. Zach Paxton (HrbH)
Zane Zimnox (George Washington)Fall

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Vinny Devaney (Nitro)1. Vinny Devaney (Ntr)
18V. Devaney (Ntr)2. Nick Grayam (HrbH)
Jayvon Hall (George Washington 2)Injury Default3. Jayvon Hall (GrW2)
4. Kristian Hussell (GrgW)
Nick Grayam (Herbert Hoover)
19N. Grayam (HrbH)
Kristian Hussell (George Washington)Fall
V. Devaney (Ntr)V. Devaney (Ntr)
from N:1843V. Devaney (Ntr)from N:4365V. Devaney (Ntr)
K. Hussell (GrgW)FallN. Grayam (HrbH)Fall
from S:19from S:44
J. Hall (GrW2)K. Hussell (GrgW)
from S:1844J. Hall (GrW2)from S:4366K. Hussell (GrgW)
N. Grayam (HrbH)FallJ. Hall (GrW2)Injury Default
from N:19from N:44

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Paul Frampton (Nitro)1. Paul Frampton (Ntr)
20P. Frampton (Ntr)2. Zach Spencer (HrbH)
Cole Hughart (Sissonville)Fall3. Isaiah Estabrook (GrgW)
4. Cole Hughart (Sssn)
Zach Spencer (Herbert Hoover)
21Z. Spencer (HrbH)
Isaiah Estabrook (George Washington)Fall
P. Frampton (Ntr)P. Frampton (Ntr)
from N:2045P. Frampton (Ntr)from N:4567P. Frampton (Ntr)
I. Estabrook (GrgW)FallZ. Spencer (HrbH)Fall
from S:21from S:46
C. Hughart (Sssn)I. Estabrook (GrgW)
from S:2046Z. Spencer (HrbH)from S:4568I. Estabrook (GrgW)
Z. Spencer (HrbH)FallC. Hughart (Sssn)Fall
from N:21from N:46

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Gerard Hall (George Washington)1. Gerard Hall (GrgW)
22G. Hall (GrgW)2. Peyton Huffman (HrbH)
BYE3. Tyler Grindstaff (HrH2)
47G. Hall (GrgW)4. Ian Sears (Cptl)
Hunter Bowles (Sissonville)Fall
23H. Bowles (Sssn)
Page McCracken (South Charleston)7-5Champion
76G. Hall (GrgW)
Tyler Grindstaff (Herbert Hoover 2)Fall
24T. Grindstaff (HrH2)
Ian Sears (Capital)5-3
48P. Huffman (HrbH)
25P. Huffman (HrbH)
Peyton Huffman (Herbert Hoover)BYE
T. Grindstaff (HrH2)
L:4869T. Grindstaff (HrH2)
L:2249P. McCracken (SthC)FallThird
Page McCracken (South Charleston)BYE74T. Grindstaff (HrH2)
L:23H. Bowles (Sssn)6-2
Ian Sears (Capital)L:4770I. Sears (Cptl)
L:2450I. Sears (Cptl)Fall

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Ben Bailey (Herbert Hoover)1. Ben Bailey (HrbH)
26B. Bailey (HrbH)2. Austin Hamrick (GrgW)
BYE3. Brayden Rollyson (HrH2)
Brayden Rollyson (Herbert Hoover 2)
27A. Hamrick (GrgW)
Austin Hamrick (George Washington)Fall
B. Bailey (HrbH)B. Bailey (HrbH)
from N:2651B. Bailey (HrbH)from N:5171B. Bailey (HrbH)
A. Hamrick (GrgW)FallB. Rollyson (HrH2)Fall
from S:27from S:52
A. Hamrick (GrgW)
from S:2652B. Rollyson (HrH2)from S:5172A. Hamrick (GrgW)
B. Rollyson (HrH2)BYEBYE
from N:27from N:52

285 (back to top)

Jacob Mullins (Herbert Hoover)Champion1. Matthew Kincaid (GrgW)
28M. Kincaid (GrgW)2. Jacob Mullins (HrbH)
Matthew Kincaid (George Washington)Fall