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Results for Philip Barbour AT Big Ten Championships

Date: February 2-3, 2018

106: Matthew Shahan (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Matthew Shahan (Philip Barbour) over Ryan Bohn (Fairmont Senior) (TB-1 3-2)
Junior Varsity - Ryan Moats (Preston Hs) over Matthew Shahan (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:00)

126: Mark Lovegrove (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Jayden Richardson (Fairmont Senior) over Mark Lovegrove (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:00)
Junior Varsity - Nathan Popichak (Bridgeport Hs) over Mark Lovegrove (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:00)

182: Michael Collett (Philip Barbour) - DNP
There are no match results associated with this wrestler at 182

Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) over Alec Cress (Preston Hs) (Fall 0:17)
Semifinals - Dimarrian Thomas (East Fairmont Hs) over Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) (Fall 5:28)
Cons. Semis - Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) over Jeffrey Muller (Bridgeport Hs) (Fall 1:59)
3rd Place Match - Logan Allen (Philip Barbour) over Caleb Crabtree (Lincoln) (Dec 4-3)

Justice Arbogast (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Beau Bearden (North Marion) over Justice Arbogast (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:20)
Cons. Quarters - Justice Arbogast (Philip Barbour) over David Pratt (Preston Hs) (MD 21-10)
Cons. Semis - Tavian Richardson (Fairmont Senior) over Justice Arbogast (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:37)
5th Place Match - Austin Timmons (Grafton) over Justice Arbogast (Philip Barbour) (Fall 0:48)

Joseph Collier (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Joseph Collier (Philip Barbour) over Russell Shiflett (Elkins Hs) (Fall 1:56)
Semifinals - Blake Miller (Preston Hs) over Joseph Collier (Philip Barbour) (Fall 2:17) Cons. Semis - Austin Thomason (Lewis County) over Joseph Collier (Philip Barbour) (Dec 6-5)
Varsity - 5th Place Match - Joseph Collier (Philip Barbour) over Ricky Newbrough (North Marion) (Dec 8-2)

Ammon Davies (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Hunter Mitchell (Lewis County) over Ammon Davies (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:34)
Cons. Quarters - Dominick Postlewait (East Fairmont Hs) over Ammon Davies (Philip Barbour) (Fall 2:54)

Tanner George (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Caleb Gibson (Lewis County) over Tanner George (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:36)
Cons. Round 2 - Tanner George (Philip Barbour) over Wyatt Howes (Lincoln) (Fall 3:50)
Cons. Quarters - Bryce Stearns (Liberty (Harrison)) over Tanner George (Philip Barbour) (MD 15-6)

Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) over Donovan Ware (Grafton) (Fall 1:40)
Quarterfinals - Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) over Daimon Wilson (Lewis County) (Dec 16-11)
Semifinals - Jaden Marino (Robert C Byrd) over Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:49)
Cons. Semis - Jatniel Maria (Preston Hs) over Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) (Fall 2:51) 5th Place Match - Jesse Kennedy (Philip Barbour) over Daimon Wilson (Lewis County) (MD 16-5)

Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) over Charles Simms (Lewis County) (Fall 3:53)
Semifinals - Rhett Heston (Fairmont Senior) over Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:37)
Cons. Semis - Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) over Jacob Ogden (East Fairmont Hs) (Fall 2:28)
3rd Place Match - Brandon Kyle (Philip Barbour) over Charles Simms (Lewis County) (Dec 7-3)

Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) over Dalton Mayle (Grafton) (SV-1 10-8)
Semifinals - Nathan Kotsko (East Fairmont Hs) over Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:55)
Cons. Semis - Riley Lantz (Buckhannon-Upshur) over Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:29)
5th Place Match - Benson Bassell (Bridgeport Hs) over Lincoln Mayle (Philip Barbour) (TB-1 11-7)

Hunter Melvin (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Joseph Blake (Lewis County) over Hunter Melvin (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:58)
Cons. Quarters - Ryan Murphy (Liberty (Harrison)) over Hunter Melvin (Philip Barbour) (Dec 3-0)

Brady Phillips (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Brock Whorton (East Fairmont Hs) over Brady Phillips (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:31)
Cons. Quarters - Aidan Gibson (Bridgeport Hs) over Brady Phillips (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:20)

Aiden Prater (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Khaleb Fazenbaker (East Fairmont Hs) over Aiden Prater (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:44)
Cons. Quarters - Austin Prince (Lincoln) over Aiden Prater (Philip Barbour) (MD 9-0)

Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Ryan Metzgar (Lewis County) over Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:35)
Cons. Quarters - Isaac Wilfong (North Marion) over Shane Waybright (Philip Barbour) (Fall 1:21)

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