West Virginia Wrestling

Preston County (PC) 54 - R.L.B. (RLB) 27

Date: December 21, 2017
Location: West Fairmont Middle School

78: J. Martin (PC) Forfeit over (RLB)
84: Double Fofeit
90: M. Cerbone (PC) Fall over N. Tallhamer (RLB)
95: W. Campbell (PC) Fall over K. Parsons (RLB)
102: T. Bush (RLB) Forfeit over (PC)
110: J. Mayes (RLB) Forfeit over (PC)
116: B. Mitchell (RLB) Fall over R. Brady (PC)
123: C. Shreve (PC) Fall over J. Parsons (RLB)
128: R. Lazare (PC) Forfeit over (RLB)
135: W. Farkas (PC) Fall over B. Jamen (RLB)
145: J. Clem (RLB) Fall over M. Riley (PC)
155: H. Haught (PC) Forfeit over (RLB)
171: Z. Lilly (PC) Fall over R. Dean (RLB)
190: B. Barker (PC) Forfeit over (RLB)
275: D. Wolfe (RLB) Dec 7-3 over J. Jennings (PC)


Submitted by: Bradley Reed

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