West Virginia Wrestling

Patriot Wrestling Club -- AAU Nationals at St Louis

1st - Chris Buckbee (7-8)

2nd - Aaron Kelley (9-10, 65)
      Kyle Walters (9-10, 90)

3rd - Chad Porter (9-10, 65)
      Shane Grogg (11-12, 65)

4th - Codi Norman (9-10, 70)

Middle Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA) District Results

The Parkersburg Patriots Wrestling Club advanced 33 wrestlers to the Regional Wrestling Tournament to be held at State College, PA. Three others won championships (Robby Shank, Zach Hasse, and Mike Sharpe) but did not advance due to participation in the National High School Championships.
Champions:  Chad Porter
            Matt George
            Shane Grogg
            Ryan Metz
            J. J. Schmitt
            Josh Dearth
            Derick Harris
            Aaron Kelley
            Billy Burnside
            Chris Daggett
            Shane Smith
            Josh Smith
            Chris Buckbee
            Andy Eaton
            Justin Conley
            Casey Daggett
            Clint Radcliff
            Bobby Roberts

2nd Place:  Dustin Burdette
            Zack McCray
            Felix Osuno-Cotto
            Codi Norman
            Mike George
            Derick Burdette
            Lucas Wilkening
            Andrew Munson
            Steph Gerber
            Ray Munson

3rd Place:  Casey Radcliff
            Curt Radcliff
            Justin Cox
            Cody Metz
            Jeremy Abbott

From The Parkersburg News

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Updated April 8, 1997