Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia Wrestling -- Scores

Grafton 41 Berkeley Springs 38

Location: AT Preston

103: Auvil G p Stevens 1st
112: Moore G via forfeit
119: Reed BS p Leach 1st
125: Cunningham G via forfeit
130: Bell BS d Spadafore G 4-2
135: Gilley BS p Murphy 1st
140: Godman BS p Riffle 2nd
145: Seville BS TF Kreeger
152: Basford G TF Schretromph
160: Widmeyer BS p Sapp G 2nd
171: Carr G p Waugh 2nd
189: Statler BS p Taylor 2nd
215: Zebley G via forfeit
275: Rosier G via forfeit

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Updated 01/09/1998