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Cameron Invitational

Date: January 10, 1998
Location: Cameron High School

Team Scores:
  1. Cameron 204
  2. Wirt County 148
  3. Grafton 141
  4. Berkeley springs 128
  5. Clay-Battelle 51
  6. Tyler Consolidated 48
  7. Magnolia 31
103 Championship: Tyler Hughes C d Joey Sharp W 4-0
112 Championship: Mike Schlieper C d Nathan Miller W 8-6
119 Championship: Josh Cross W p Cleb Lucey 3:44
125 Championship: Logan Van Dyne C p Brandon Kotson CamRes 3:20
130 Championship: Mark Lowe W d Jeff Hughes C 13-5
135 Championship: Dan Gilley BS p Jason Carmichael C 3:27
140 Championship: Jason Miller W p Ben Godman BS 3:02
145 Championship: Jason Seville BS p Scott Burgy W 1:54
152 Championship: Chris Baasford G TF Tom Widmyer BS
160 Championship: Jason Waugh BS d Chris Wood C 11-6
171 Championship: Bouge Parrish C p Mike King CB 1:25
189 Championship: Brandon Kupfer C TF Richard Statler BS
215 Championship: Garrett O'Neil C p Keith Zebley G 3:01
275 Championship: Zach Dunlap C p Nathan Rosier G 3:46

103 Third Place: Tommy Stiles CB p Corey Auvil G 3:48
112 Third Place: Eric Cunningham W Res d Brian Smith BS Res 5-0
119 Third Place: Corey Reed BS d Chris Leach G 13-2
125 Third Place: Jody Cunningham G d Derek Sheares W 13-7
130 Third Place: Bubby Bell BS d Charles Galloway C Res 7-0
135 Third Place: J.J. King TC d Jason Harkness W 9-4
140 Third Place: Wyatt O'Neil C d Jimmy Riffle G 2-0
145 Third Place: Spencer Richmond C d Robert Eddy CB 5-1
152 Third Place: Adam Schretromph BS Res d Morgan Hall CB 7-6
160 Third Place: Jason Walters TC d Travis Sapp G 2-0
171 Third Place: Dennis Zbosnik G via forfeit over Tim Carr BS res
189 Third Place: Ben Taylor G d Tommy Carr W 8-0
215 Third Place: Stanley Grimm G d Richie Hobson Mag 4-0
275 Third Place: Doug Pifer W p Josh Tracy G Res 4-1

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