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West Virginia Wrestling -- Scores

Jackson Co Invitational

Date: January 10, 1998
Location: Ripley

Team Scores:
  1. Roane Co 227.5
  2. Ripley 201
  3. Point Pleasant 198.5
  4. Ritchie Co 188
  5. Independence 153
  6. Ravenswood 116.5
  7. Liberty Raleigh 100.5
  8. Greenbrier West 96
  9. Williamstown 90
  10. East Bank 68.5
  11. St Marys 54.5
  12. Midland Trail 32
  13. Parkersburg High B 18.5
103 Championship: Ash Wenmoth Will d Alex Reed PP 11-9 OT
112 Championship: Beau Hill PP md Mike Simmons EB 11-2
119 Championship: Jeremy Burris PP d Jason Hayhurst 4-0
125 Championship: Justin Wince Rit p Will Long Ind
130 Championship: Chad Mullins Rip d Jon Bonecutter PP 8-4
135 Championship: Mike Stone Roa p Justin Wenmoth Will 1st
140 Championship: Josh Craddock Roa md Scott Rhodes Rip 10-1
145 Championship: Mike Hosaflook Rip p N. Smith Rit 3rd
152 Championship: Willialm Steele Roa p Justin Facdemyer Rip 3rd
160 Championship: Bo Burgess Roa d A. Lewis Lib 5-1
171 Championship: Steve Kinley Lib d Jeremy Rickard PP 8-6
189 Championship: Eric Barker Roa p M. Snider Rit 1st
215 Championship: Adam King Rip d Adam Bryant PP 8-3
275 Championship: Luke Salmons Rav p Buddy Hawkins Will 2nd

103 Third Place: Ashley Gandee Rav TF Travis Whited Roa
112 Third Place: Wille Westbrook Will p Matt Mitchell Roa
119 Third Place: Adam Schindler Rav d Brandon Blake Ind 6-3
125 Third Place: Jake Samples Rip md Aaron Ransom GW 14-6
130 Third Place: Joey Dillon Lib p Eric Sadler EB 2nd
135 Third Place: Brian McClung GW d R. Parks SM 4-0
140 Third Place: Scott Green Ind p Brian Banks Rit 2nd
145 Third Place: Mark Petty EB d Joey Rhodes Roa 4-2
152 Third Place: Kevin Coulter Ind d Mark McClung GW 7-1
160 Third Place: Rick Sims GW d John Broce Rit 3-2
171 Third Place: J.; Ross Rit d Keithan Branch SM 3-1
189 Third Place: Mike Roach PP p Dylan Spencer Rip 3rd
215 Third Place: A. Browning Roa p Justice Smith Rit 2nd
275 Third Place: Matt Stafford Ind p John Oiler MT 2nd

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