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Wood County Meet Results

January 13, 1998

Edison  59, Blennerhassett 21         Williamstown 57, Jackson 21

75#  Conley (E) For                   Stephens (J) for
83#  Munson (B) For                   Biddle (W) p Clegg
90#  Christopher (B) p Debarr         Brookover (W) for
95#  Pickens (E) p Leidy              Cole (J) d Dick
102# Coss (E) p Maone                 Westbrook (W) p George
110# Duncan (E) tf DYE                Thompson (W) p Jones
116# Daggett (E) p Lough              Haddox (W) p Brooks
123# Pickens (E) p Flinn              Walk (W) p Arbogast
128# Eddy  (E) p  Wheeler             Williams (W) d Fragale
135# Parrish (E) P Towner             Marks (J) p Buttrey
145# Daggett (E) For                  Buck (W) p Cochran
155# Marshall (B) d Carpenter         Seckman (W) p Wilding
165# Wright (E) p Phillips            Stewart (J) p Davidson
HWT  Sleeth (B) p Young               Delebreau (W)  p Baldwin

Wirt Co  42    Belpre 18              Hamilton 33,  VanDevender 33

75#   Dye (W) for
83#   Smith (W) p Harvey
90#   Maze(W) p Roddy                  Miller (V) p Suek
95#   Otto (W) p Eaton                 Knapp (H) p Young
102#  Miller (W) p Gates               Moss (H) for
110#  Scott (W) for                    Williamson (H) for
116#  Osborn (B) p Copen               Wallace (H) for
123#                                   Glasser (H) d Hammel
128#  Ward (B) for                     Allen (V) d Pauley
135#                                   Hickel (H) p Deberry
145#  Creameans (W) for                Allen (V) p  Hornbeck
155#                                   Anthony (V) for
165#                                   Parkhurst (V) for
HWT   Jones (B) for                    Parkhurst (V) p McClung

Note:   Edison & Blennerhassett feed Parkersburg South
        Jackson,Hamilton & VanDevender feed Parkersburg High
        Belpre is in Ohio,  Williamstown & Wirt Co feed the High Schools
From The Pakersburg News

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