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PAC-8 Conference Tournament

(7 & 8 graders only)

Date: January 20, 1998
Location: Warwood MS (Wheeling)

Team Scores:
1 Sherrard 206
2 Triadelphia 137.5
3 Union 132.5
4 Bridge Street 126
5 Warwood 81
6 Wheeling 48
7 Moundsville "B" 33.5
8 Triadelphia "B" 10
9 Union "B" 7
10 Sherrard "B" 3

75 Championship: Kyle Mull(Sherrard) 8-6(ot) Griffin Stipetich(Union)
83 Championship: Adam Kennedy(B St.) fall Kevin Brose(Triad)
90 Championship: Mike Sforza(Union) fall Matt Shreyer(B. St.)
95 Championship: Jeremy Gorayab(Wheeling) 9-5 Matt Doty(Sherrard)
102 Championship: John Henry Coughlin(B. St.) fall Zeke Teets(Sherrard)
110 Championship: Kurt Jones(Sherrard) fall Chris Jingle(Triadelphia)
116 Championship: Russell Todd(Triadelphia) fall Dave Smith(Warwood)
123 Championship: Charles Filby(Sherrard) fall Jake Conjeski(Union)
128 Championship: Kevin Tankovits(B. St) 12-5 Brian White(Sherrard)
135 Championship: Brandon Miller(Sherrard) fall Pat Marcinek(Union)
145 Championship: Chad Onifer(Union) fall Jim Smith(Triadelphia)
155 Championship: Ryan Campbell(Union) fall Josh Arritt(Sherrard)
165 Championship: Josh Boyd(Warwood) fall Clayton Anderson(Sherrard)
250 Championship: B.J. Cook(B. St) 9-4 Jeff Robbins(Union)

75 Third Place: Jim Bumgardner(T) over John Postlewait(Wheeling)
83 Third Place: James Allen(Sherrard)
90 Third Place: Mike Gaydosh(T) over Justin Polsinelli(Union B)
95 Third Place: Frank Triveri(T) over Todd Longwell(Union)
102 Third Place: Chris Cox(Warwood) over Justin Cook(T)
110 Third Place: Matt Zink(B St.) over Dan Bulian(Union)
116 Third Place: Billy Rayl(Moundsville) over Adam Bittner(Wheeling)
123 Third Place: A.J. Holderman(Warwood) over Josiah Barton(T)
128 Third Place: Julian Berisford(Moundsville) over Dan Rogerson(Warwood)
135 Third Place: Jeremiah Barton(T) over Pat Young(Warwood)
145 Third Place: Cary Marshall(B. St) 8-3 Ryan Quinlin(Sherrard)
155 Third Place: Joe Howley(Warwood)
165 Third Place: Jess Porter(T) over Drew Armstrong(B St)
250 Third Place: Ben Blum(Sherrard) fall Travis Doyle(Moundsville)

In the last 2 years, 23 AAA and 3 AA state place-winners have come from the 7 PAC-8 (Wheeling Central used to be a member) schools, including 1997 AAA Outstanding Wrestler Ryan Muldrew and 1996 AA titlest Josh Giovengo. In the "good ole days" when all 7 schools were jr. highs, this was one of the tougher tournaments in the state. Many AAA state champions have emerged from this tournament, including all of Wheeling Park and John Marshall's state champs for the last 22 years. Cameron also gets the occasional kid from Sherrard(4 ex-Rams started for Cameron in 1996-97). Bishop Donahue gets a few kids from Union, Moundsville and Sherrard, including Mike Brandon in 97-98.

Sherrard and Bridge Street had 4 champions each, Union 3, and Triadelphia, Wheeling and Warwood 1 each. The tournament started at 4 and finished by 9:30. Referees were Randy Taylor and Dr. Bill Welker.

One lighter moment: In the finals, I felt the Union 75-lber was riding our kid's hips and, through my instructions to my wrestler, was trying to "persuade" the good Doc Welker to my point of view. While still closely watching the match, Welker commented that "it won't do you any good to beg". I cracked up and told him my girlfriend had an opposite view of that.

The tournament was ably directed by long-time Warwood coach Bill Donohew, who was a state champ in the late 60s from Stonewall Jackson.

Submitted by: Randy Bierce, Sherrard JHS

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