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Second Moundsville Invitational

Date: January 31, 1998
Location: Moundsville JHS

Team Scores:
1 Sherrard 181
2 Cameron 172
3 Moundsville 138
Harpers Ferry 138
5 Union 65.5
6 Bridge Street 57.5
7 Ritchie County 41
Harpers Ferry "B" 17
9 Sherrard "B" 16
10 Cameron "B" 13
11 Tyler County 8

75 Championship: Griffin Stipetich(Union) dec. Kyle Mull(Sherrard) 17-0
83 Championship: Adam Kennedy(Br. St) TF Steve Reynolds(HF) 18-3
90 Championship: Mike Muldrew(Sherrard) fall D.J. Yoders(Cameron)
95 Championship: Tucker Brown(Cameron) fall Eben Fritz (HF)
102 Championship: Roger Kupfer(Cameron) fall Zeke Teets(Sherrard)
110 Championship: Joel O'Neil(Cameron) fall Kurt Jones(Sherrard)
116 Championship: Justin Kotson(Cameron) fall Billy Rayl(Moundsville)
123 Championship: Derek George(Moundsville) fall Charles Filby(Sherrard)
128 Championship: Casey Bryan(Sherrard) dec. Brian White(Sherrard "B") 10-2
135 Championship: Steve Gonchoff(Moundsville) fall Brandon Miller(Sherrard)
145 Championship: Chris Taylor(Moundsville) fall Jed Lucey(Cameron)
155 Championship: Ryan Fierro(Harpers Ferry) fall Pat Marcinek(Union)
165 Championship: Clayton Anderson(Sherrard) fall Shawn Shafer(Harpers Ferry)
250 Championship: B.J. Cook(Bridge St) dec. Jon Wells(Moundsville) 3-1

75 Third Place: Jon Howard(Moundsville) fall R. Smith(HF)
83 Third Place: Chris Siers(Ritchie) dec. Chris Bittler(HF) 11-2
90 Third Place: Ryan Bumgardner(Ritchie) fall Mike Fasouletos(Moundsville)
95 Third Place: Joey Lobis(Ritchie) dec Gerald Blake(Moundsville "B")
102 Third Place: Paul Fishback(HF) fall J.H. Coughlin(Bridge St)
110 Third Place: Kyle Smith(HF) dec. Lincoln Campbell(Tyler Co) 14-7
116 Third Place: Chris Dorsey(Sherrard) dec. Tony Hardin(HF) 11-4
123 Third Place: Shawn Fullerton(Cameron) dec. Jake Conjeski(Union) 5-2
128 Third Place: Julian Berisford(Moundsville) dec. Mark Staggers(Cameron) 7-3
135 Third Place: Dave Rowan(HF) fall Luke Roupe(Cameron)
145 Third Place: Josh Riese(HF) dec. Ryan Quinlin(Sherrard) 8-0
155 Third Place: Joe Doty(Cameron) dec. Dustin Crawford(Moundsville)
165 Third Place: Art Badger(HF "B") fall J.R. Robinson(Ritchie)
250 Third Place: Jeff Robbins(Union) fall Ben Blum(Sherrard)

Comments: The 2nd Annual Moundsville Invitational was held at the John Marshall Fieldhouse in Moundsville. Buckeye Local 9th cancelled at the last moment, but there were still 8 teams present.

Sherrard got ahead in the semi-finals by putting 8 in the finals to Cameron's 6. Although Cameron closed to within 3 points after the quick wind-up of the 116 finals, Sherrard held on to win 181-172. This reversed the finish of the top two teams in the Cameron Tournament at the beginning of the season. Both teams had a few flu victims and were missing a couple wrestlers.

Hard wrestling was the order of the day: Cameron had 4 champions, Moundsville and Sherrard 3 each, Bridge Street 2, Union and Harpers Ferry 1 each.

Not only was there an intense battle for 1st, Harpers Ferry and Moundsville waged their own private battle for 3rd place. Moundsville took the lead after a Chris Taylor pin in the 145 finals, but Harpers Ferry matched it with a Ryan Fierro fall at 155. When the smoke cleared, the two were tied at 138. The tournament was directed by Larry Chambers, long-time Moundsville JHS coach. Wrestling commenced at 10:30 and was finished by 4:30.

Submitted by: Randy Bierce, Sherrard JHS coach

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