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Cameron Junior High Invitational

December 6, 1997

Location: Cameron, WV

Team Scores:

  1. Cameron 168
  2. Sherrard 153.5
  3. Central Preston 136
  4. Fairmont Miller 134
  5. Moundsville 127
  6. Mannington 51.5
  7. Morgantown South 46
  8. Warwood 18
75 Championship: Jared Ross(Cam) dec Jon Howard(Moundsville) 10-7
83 Championship: Anthony Delligatti(Miller) pinned Ricky Brandon(CP) 4 minutes
90 Championship: Mike Muldrew(Sherrard) pinned Mike Fasoletos(Moundsville) 3:37
95 Championship: Tucker Brown(Cam) pinned Justin Miller(CP) :12
102 Championship: Roger Kupfer(Cam) pinned Bart Felton(CP) :33
110 Championship: Kurt Jones(Sherrard) dec Shawn Fullerton(Cam) 6-0
116 Championship: Andrew Starsick(Mann) pinned Justin Kotson(Cam) 2:20
123 Championship: Derrick George(Moundsville) pinned A.J. Holderman(War) 3:35
128 Championship: Patrick White(CP) dec Colton McClure(Miller) 6-2
135 Championship: Steve Gonchoff(Moundsville) pinned Brandon Miller(Sherrard) 4:34
145 Championship: Chris Taylor(Moundsville) pinned Ryan Quinlin(Sherrard) 1:19
155 Championship: Jarrett Belt(Mor. South) pinned Justin McNeil(Mann) 3:48
165 Championship: Jeff Courtney(Miller) pinned Josh Boyd(War) 2:56
250 Championship: Matt Miller(CP) pinned Anthony Fucello(Mor. South) 1:41

75 Third Place: Alan Ford (Miller) 3rd Place
83 Third Place: Kyle Mull (Sherrard) - 3rd
95 Third Place: Marken Meberg (Sherrard "B") -3rd; Matt Doty (Sherrard) -4 th
102 Third Place: Zeke Teets (Sherrard) - 3rd -- Steve Soles (Miller) 4th Place
110 Third Place: Ben Geary (Miller) 4th Place
116 Third Place: Scott Hartlieb (Miller) 3rd Place -- Chris Dorsey(Sherrard)-4th
123 Third Place: Charles Filby(Sherrard)-3rd -- Brandon Geary (Miller) 4th Place
128 Third Place: Casey Bryan(Sherrard)-3rd
145 Third Place: Jonathan Schooley (Miller) 4th Place
250 Third Place: Matt McKee (Miller) 4th Place

Comments: This was the 20th Annual Cameron Jr. High Tournament. It was snowed out last year and moved from it's traditional spot the 3rd week of January to the first week of December this year. It still snowed.
Sherrard won the tournament the last three years 1994-5-6.
Cameron won it in a tight 4-way battle with Central Preston, Morgantown South and Sherrard in 1993.
Tournament Director was Cameron Athletic Director Bob Koch.
Central Preston filled only 8 of 14 classes, due to insufficient practices, but is expected to fill all the weight classes soon.

Submitted by: Randy Bierce, Sherrard JHS

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Updated December 15, 1997