West Virginia Wrestling

West Virginia Wrestling -- Scores

Ashland 39 Hoover 36

Date: 12-13-97
Location: Coke Classic

103: Double Forfiet
112: Perna H; Forfiet
119: Harper H; Forfiet
125: Queen A; Forfiet
130: Thomas A; Dec Messer H
135: Sparague A; Forfiet
140: Dye A; Fall Belcher H
145: Warland A; Forfiet
152: Seabolt H; Pinned Martin A
160: Cambell A; pinned Young H
171: Champman A; pinned Wehrle H
189: Payne H; pinned Hickman H
215: Wehrle H; pinned White A
275: Stevenson H; pinned Fedyniak A

Submitted by: Sparks
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Updated December 15, 1997