West Virginia Wrestling

Gallipolis Jr. High Invitational

Date: Jan. 16th
Location: Gallia Academy - Gallipolis Ohio

Team Scores:
Milton Middle - 137
Cammack Middle - 122
Chesapeake, Ohio - 92
Gallia Academy - 77
Belpre, Ohio - 60
Nelsonville York, Ohio 15

75 Championship: Kelly (Cammack) over Hetzer (Cammack B)
83 Championship: Fullen (Cammack) over Robbins (Chesapeake)
90 Championship: Hicks (Cammack) over Soboyna (Milton)
95 Championship: Morrison (Milton) over Henthorne (Belpre)
102 Championship: Collins (Chesapeake) over Delligatti (Milton)
110 Championship: Jude (Milton) over Bledsoe (Belpre)
116 Championship: McDonald (Chesapeake) over Blake (Milton)
123 Championship: Voss (Gallia) over Smith (Chesapeake)
128 Championship: Jeffers (Cammack) over Smith (Milton)
135 Championship: Jordan (Milton) over Bishop (Cammack)
145 Championship: Hall (Gallia) over Dudley (Cammack)
155 Championship: Patick(Cammack) over Smith (Chesapeake)
165 Championship: Gibson (Milton) over Snider (Belpre)
190 Championship: Caldwell (Gallia) over Johnson (Milton)
250 Championship: Emerson (Milton) over Denny (Gallia)

Comments: Note : These were contested at Ohio Weights as follows: 80,86,92,98,104,110,115,120,126,132,139,147,156,167,215

Submitted by: Jim LeMaster / Milton Middle

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