West Virginia Wrestling

Kanawha County Junior High Championship

Date: January 28-29,1999
Location: McKinley Junior High

Team Score
1. 208.5 McKinley
2. 143 Hayes
3. 121 Andrew Jackson
4. 102 Sissonville
5. 95 Stonewall Jackson
6. 67.5 Herbert Hoover
7. 57.5 DuPont
8. 47.5 Elkview
9. 16 East Bank
10. 7 Cedar Grove
11. 6 John Adams
12. 5 Nitro

75 Championship: Fisher, Sis by forfeit
83 Championship: Evans, AJ def Hinzman, Hay by Dec
90 Championship: Arnold, Mck def Frerichs, Hay by Dec
95 Championship: Creamer, Mck def Fields, AJ by Fall
102 Championship: Pauley, Mck def Wiseman, Sis by Fall
110 Championship: Casto, AJ def Pernell, HH by Maj Dec
116 Championship: Page, AJ def Osborne, HH by Fall
123 Championship: Ferguson, Mck def Morris, Elk by Tech Fall
128 Championship: Samples, Mck def Graley, Mck-B by Dec
135 Championship: Midkiff, Mck def Shaffer, Sis by Tech Fall
145 Championship: Cooper, Hay def Bowling, Mck by Fall
155 Championship: Gentry, Mck def Buel, AJ by Tech Fall
165 Championship: Rector, HH def Fisher, SJ by Fall
190 Championship: Hammack, Sis def Ramsey, SJ by Dec
250 Championship: Holmes, SJ def Facemire, Hay by Fall

75 Third Place:
83 Third Place: Smith, Mck def Tincher, SJ by Fall
90 Third Place: Tucker, CG def Haynes, AJ by Dec
95 Third Place: Wiseman, Sis def Fetter, Mck-B by Dec
102 Third Place: Ferrell, DuP def Gurnee, AJ by Dec
110 Third Place: Stricker, Elk def Lowery, DuP by Dec
116 Third Place: Binion, Hay def Kinser, DuP by Fall
123 Third Place: Nye, Hay def Walls, SJ by Forfeit
128 Third Place: Moles, Elk def Bowles, Hay by Fall
135 Third Place: Henson, SJ def McGhee, Hay by Dec
145 Third Place: Hensley, EB def Bayes, SJ by Dec
155 Third Place: Stowers, DuP def Staley, Elk by Dec
165 Third Place: Olson, Hay def Bridgett, Sis by Fall
190 Third Place: Black, HH def Johnson, Mck by Dec
250 Third Place: Richmond, SJ def Hess, DuP by Forfeit

Comments: McKinley has won six consecutive Kanawha County Championships
Jansen Aronld and Paul Creamer (McKinley) are 3 time Kanawha County Champions
Derek Midkiff (McKinley) at 135 finished undefeated 32-0
Beau Gentry (McKinley) at 155 finished undefeated 36-0
Paul Creamer (Mckinley) at 95 finished undefeated in WV at 34-1

Submitted by: Rick Comer, Wrestling Coach, McKinley Jr. High

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