West Virginia Wrestling

Wirt County Invitational

Date: 1-30-99
Location: Wirt County High School

Team Scores
Williamstown 199
Wirt County 166
Calhoun County 141
Belpre, Ohio 89 1/2
Nicholas Co. 84
Pburg South B 71
Bishop Donahue 54
East Bank 36
Sissonville 32
Winfield 24
Dupont 19
Parkersburg B 6

103 Championship: Morris (Cal) d. Grace (Nich) 7-0
112 Championship: Wenmouth (Will) md. McCartney (Cal) 14-1
119 Championship: Schmitt (South B) d. Miller (Wirt) 9-3
125 Championship: Shearer (Wirt) d. Zyla (Will) 8-6
130 Championship: Cross (Wirt) d. Wenmouth (Will) 6-3
135 Championship: Lowe (Wirt d Ledbetter (Cal) 9-2
140 Championship: Meadows (EB) p. Buck (Will) 1st
145 Championship: McCartney (Cal) d. Nash (Nich) 1-0
152 Championship: McDaniel (Bel) p. Johnson (Will) 1st
160 Championship: Pupura (BD) d. Gates (Bel) 4-1
171 Championship: Villers (Wirt) p. Britton (Siss) 1st
189 Championship: C. Moles (South) p. Key (Nich) 2nd
215 Championship: McCartney (South) p. Gibson (Cal) 2nd
275 Championship: Hawkins (Will) p. Laughlin (Cal) 2nd

103 Third Place: Brookover (Will) p. Farineli (Win) 2nd
112 Third Place: Gibson (Bel) d. Sharp (Wirt) 11-5
119 Third Place: Willie Westbrook (Will) d. Tyler Westbrook (Will) 16-9
125 Third Place: Nick Prather (Win) p. Moore (Nich) 2nd
130 Third Place: Haddox (Will) md. Williams (Siss) 15-2
135 Third Place: Richards (Bel) p. Ramsey (Cal) 2nd
140 Third Place: Osborn (Bel) p. Henderson (BD) 3rd
145 Third Place: Green (BD) D. Seckman (Will) 7-2
152 Third Place: Lott (Wirt) p. Higginbottom (EB) 2nd
160 Third Place: Drennen (Wirt) d. Melrose (Will) 3-1
171 Third Place: Sims (Dupont) p. Hall (Nich) 2nd
189 Third Place: Delebreu (Will) p. Karr (Wirt) 3rd
215 Third Place: Welsh (BD) D. Kuhn (Nich) 9-3
275 Third Place: Sleeth (South) p. Pifer (Wirt) 3rd

Comments: From The Parkersburg News Monday Feb 1
Submitted by: Larry Rogers

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