West Virginia Wrestling

Cabell County Middle School Wrestling Championship

Date: February 5, 1999
Location: Enslow Middle School, Huntington, WV

Team Scores
Cammack Middle School 198
Milton Middle School 196
Barboursville Middle School 154 1/2
Enslow Middle School 147
Beverly Hills Middle Scholl 115

75 Championship: Kelley-Cammack over Frye-B'ville; pin-1st
83 Championship: Fullen-Cammack over Jones-B'ville; pin-2nd
90 Championship: Ray-Enslow over Hicks-Cammack; dec. 9-4
95 Championship: Byrd-Bev. Hills over Eller-B'ville; pin-3rd
102 Championship: Gibbs-B'ville over Riner-Cammack; pin-3rd
110 Championship: Collins-Enslow over Jude-Milton; dec. 7-2
116 Championship: Jarrett-Bev. Hills over Delligatti-Milton; pin-3rd
123 Championship: Bishop-Cammack over A.Chapman-B'ville; dec.
128 Championship: Jeffers-Cammack over R.Cooper-Milton;
135 Championship: Jordan-Milton over Dudley-Cammack; OT
145 Championship: Delligatti-Milton over Patick-Cammack; dec. 10-9
155 Championship: Nelson-Bev. Hills over Morton-Milton; pin-3rd
165 Championship: Burge-Bev. Hills over Paysinger-Enslow; pin-1st
190 Championship: Wooldridge-Enslow over Hutc˙

250 Championship: Emerson-Milton over Messinger-Enslow; pin-1st
75 Third Place: Settliff-Milton over Jordan-Milton; dec. 9-2
83 Third Place: Dennison-Milton over Watts-Cammack; dec. 3-2
90 Third Place: Nibert-B'ville over Terry-Milton; pin-1st
95 Third Place: Soboyna-Milton over Dudley-Cammack; pin-1st
102 Third Place: Ervin-Enslow over Gibson-Milton; TF 15-0
110 Third Place: Parlock-B'ville over Plybon-Cammack; inj. def.
116 Third Place: Meyers-Cammack over Fincham-B'ville; dec. 5-1
123 Third Place: J.Chapman-Enslow over Blake-Milton; dec. 12-2
128 Third Place: Hatfield-B'ville over Sheppard-B'ville; pin-3rd
135 Third Place: Barker-B'ville over Michels-Bev. Hills; pin-3rd
145 Third Place: Owens-Enslow over Blair-Milton; pin-3rd
155 Third Place: Gibson-Milton over Mooney-Enslow; pin-1st
165 Third Place: Johnson-Milton over Richardson-Milton; pin-2nd
190 Third Place: Cook-Bev. Hills over Harshbarger-Milton; dec. 2-0
250 Third Place: Bills-B'ville over Jarrell-Bev. Hills; pin-1st

Submitted by: Patrick O'Neal, Enslow Middle School

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