West Virginia Wrestling

Little Kanawha Conference Wrestling Tournament

Saturday, February 6, 1999
at Calhoun County High School

Team Scores
1) Williamstown 205
2) Ritchie 167
3) Wirt 165
4) Calhoun 121
5) St. Marys 84
6) Ravenswood 69
7) Braxton 54.5
8) Clay 30

Most Outstanding Wrestler: 140 Mike Miller, Wirt County (Four time LKC Champ)

Championship Finals
103 Ashley Gandee (Rav) p. Ryan Bumgardner (Rit) :55
112 Ash Wenmoth (Will) p. Travis McCartney (Cal) 2:45
119 Willie Westbrook (Will) m. dec. Jimmy Johnson (Cal) 15-6
125 Jason Hayhurst (Rit) dec. Derek Shearer (Wirt) 3-1
130 Mark Lowe (Wirt) dec. Justin Wince (Rit) 3-2
135 Justin Wenmoth (Will) p. Terry Childers (StM) 5:53
140 Mike Miller (Wirt) tech. fall Rhett Koslosky (Rit) 16-0
145 Eric McCartney (Cal) dec. Jon Dauch (Rav) 4-1
152 Zac Johnson (Will) m. dec. Mike Goff (Rit) 15-4
160 Tony Hardway (Brax) dec. Danny Drennen (Wirt) 8-6
171 Kris Villers (Wirt) p. Clifford Underwood (Rit) 1:42
189 Arnold Houser (StM) dec. Ryan Delebreau (Will) 8-3
215 Justice Smith (Rit) p. Dana Raban (Rav) 2:32
275 Buddy Hawkins (Will) dec. Thomas Naylor (Rit) 7-2

Consolation Finals
103 Chris Morris (Cal) p. Bob Brookover (Will) 1:49
112 Joey Sharp (Wirt) dec. Dustin Culverhouse (Brax) 8-3
119 Nathan Miller (Wirt) dec. James Harris (Brax) 4-0
125 Joel Zyla (Will) dec. Scott Bush (Rav) 7-6
130 Bobby Ledbetter (Cal) dec. Tim Haddox (Will) 7-2
135 Josh Cross (Wirt) dec. Todd Snider (Rit) 6-4
140 Mitch Buck (Will) dec. Robert Stutler (Clay) 10-9
145 Matt Seckman (Will) dec. Nat Smith (Rit) 3-2
152 Ricky Parks (StM) dec. Josh Lott (Wirt) 6-5
160 Chad Murphy (StM) by forf. over Denny Cottrell
171 Travis Murphy (StM) m. dec. James Marks (Cal) 11-2
189 Tommy Karr (Wirt) p. Raymond Nottingham (Brax) 4:42
215 Chris Kerr (Will) p. Charles Gibson (Cal) 3:27
275 Jamie McDonough (Clay) m.dec. Jeremy Laughlin (Cal) 9-1

Championship Semi-Finals
103 Ashley Gandee (Rav) p. Bob Brookover (Will) :30
103 Ryan Bumgardner (Rit) dec. Chris Morris (Cal) 7-0
112 Ash Wenmoth (Will) p. Joey Sharp (Wirt) 1:23
112 Travis McCartney (Cal) dec. Dustin Culverhouse (Brax) 4-3
119 Willie Westbrook (Will) p. Nathan Miller (Wirt) 3:59
119 Jimmy Johnson (Cal) dec. James Harris (Brax) 3-2
125 Jason Hayhurst (Rit) p. Joel Zyla (Will) :44
125 Derek Shearer (Wirt) dec. Scott Bush (Rav) 3-1
130 Mark Lowe (Wirt) p. Tim Haddox (Will) 3:03
130 Justin Wince (Rit) m. dec. Bobby Ledbetter (Cal) 14-2
135 Justin Wenmoth (Will) p. Todd Snider (Rit) 5:57
135Terry Childers (StM) dec. Josh Cross (Wirt) 4-3
140 Mike Miller (Wirt) m. dec. Robert Stutler (Clay) 14-0
140 Rhett Koslosky (Rit) dec. Mitch Buck (Will) 11-9
145 Eric McCartney (Cal) p. D.J. Tinney (Clay) 4:30
145 Jon Dauch (Rav) p. Nat Smith (Rit) 5:35
152 Zac Johnson (Will) m. dec. Josh Lott (Wirt) 17-5
152 Mike Goff (Rit) dec. Brian Justice (Brax) 5-3
160 Tony Hardway (Brax) tech. fall over Chad Murphy (StM) 18-2
160 Danny Drennen (Wirt) dec. Howard Melrose (Will) 6-3
171 Kris Villers (Wirt) p. James Marks (Cal) 2:07
171 Clifford Underwood (Rit) p. Travis Murphy (StM) 2:52
189 Arnold Houser (StM) p. Chris Speece (Rav) 2:08
189 Ryan Delebreau (Will) p. Raymond Nottingham (Brax) 3:23
215 Justice Smith (Rit) p. Charles Gibson (Cal) 1:00
215 Dana Raban (Rav) p. Chad Nettles (Brax) 1:14
275 Buddy Hawkins (Will) p. Jamie McDonough (Clay) 1:25
275 Thomas Naylor (Rit) p. Jeremy Laughlin (Cal) 4:22

Thanks to Newton Nichols

Notes on the finals matches: by the Editor...
103 - Ravenswoods Ash Gandee lived up to his top ranking as he scored the first takedown off a front headlock early in the first round. He had already picked up a set of back points before scoring the fall with an unusual front quarter-nelson in the first round.
112 - Williamstown's Ash Wenmoth was taken to the second round by Calhoun's Travis McCartney. Wenmoth looked in top form, getting the takedown in the first and scoring a set of back points off a head and arm lever from the right side, ending the first period leading 4-0. To start the 2nd, Wenmoth took down and scored a quick reversal with a Peterson roll, then secured the fall via a head and arm lever, again working the right side of the defensive wrestler. Wenmoth looks equally at ease working either side of his opponent.
119 - A barnburner, as Williamstown's Willie Westbrook upset top ranked and two time state champ Jimmy Johnson from Calhoun. Perhaps Johnson was still suffering the effects of an accident the week before, as Westbrook looked dominating. Westbrook opened the scoring in the first with an ankle pick from an ear-to-ear tie up. After an escape by Johnson, Westbrook capitalized on a bad shot, locked in underhooks, and ducked under a hook to score the 2nd takedown. Johnson scored another escape at the buzzer to make it 4-2 at the end of the first.
The second period started with both wrestlers on their feet. Westbrook scored three takedowns in the second - two on clean double leg shots and one from a slide-by from a tie up - and was answered by two escapes from Johnson. The third period began with Johnson choosing bottom and trailing 10-4. Johnson escaped with 1:11 and seemed to come to life - too much life apparantly to suit the referee, as he was hit with an unsportsmanlike. From there on out, Westbrook put on a takedown clinic, scoring with a duck to a cross leg to a double leg and a deep ankle pick with a back door finish. Final score 15-6.
125 - A battle of the titans, as top ranked Jason Hayhurst of Ritchie County eeked out a narrow 3-1 victory over Wirt's Derek Shearer. This was a contest highlighted by position and control. No score in the first period, as both wrestlers traded shots and counters. Hayhurst took down the start the 2nd, and Shearer promptly turned him loose on the whistle. Both wrestlers appeared to have openings which would have nailed a lesser opponent. In one flurry, Hayhurst looked like he was going to score a takedown on an underarm spin, but this was fought off and countered by a front quarter by Shearer, who appeared as if he would score - but couldn't. In another flurry, Hayhurst got in double underhooks and took Shearer to his back briefly, before Shearer turned the tables and briefly turned Hayhurst. Again, no points as as both went out of bounds. In the third round Shearer took down. Hayhurst tried to ride him but couldn't, and the score was tied 1-1. Hayhurst's winning takedown came with about 20 sec left in the match after a flurry led to a dog-fight and ended with a cowboy-like manuever and the takedown.
130 - Almost a replay of the previous match, Wirt County's Mark Lowe and Ritchie County's Justin Wince traded shots in the first period and entered the 2nd with no score. Lowe took down to start the 2nd, escaped and the third period started with Lowe leading 1-0. In the third, Wince took down and got a reversal and a 2-1 lead. The lead was short lived, however, as Lowe answered with a reversal with :38 sec left, took a 3-2 lead and made it stick.
135 - Terry Childers of St Marys almost but not quite pulled off an upset over Justin Wenmoth of Williamstown. The match began as if Wenmoth would dominate, but Childers had a few tricks of his own. Childers was warned for stalling early in the first, and perhaps lulled Wenmoth to sleep, as he subsequently caught Wenmoth in a bad shot with underhooks and took him to his back for a 5 point move. Wenmoth reversed off his back, but the first period ended with Childers ahead 5-2. Wenmoth took down to start the second and got a reversal and 2 backs to go ahead 6-5. Childers battled back, and Wenmoth could not improve the score as the round ended with the same 6-5 score. Childers took down to start the third and escaped with :50 left to knot the score. The crowd smelled upset as Childers got in on a deep head-inside single late in the 3rd. However, Wenmoth was not to be denied as he reached into his own bag of tricks and pulled out a spladle. The end the match with a fall with 7 seconds left.
140 - Wirt County's Mike Miller showed the crowd what a 3 time state champ and 4 time LKC champ looks like, as the scored a tech fall in the third over Ritchie County's Rhett Koslosky. Miller put on a takedown and back-points clinic. Give Koslosky credit, as he would not be pinned this evening - helping his team to slip past Wirt County by two points to finish ahead in the team score.
145 - Calhoun County's Eric McCartney ran his season record to 36-0 with a 4-1 decision over Ravenswood's Jon Dauch. McCartney scored the first takedown in the first period with a quick ankle pick off the whistle on a re-start in the center. The second period started with McCartney leading 2-0 and both wrestlers on their feet. McCartney scored again on a head-inside single, Dauch later escaped, and the third round began with McCartney choosing down with a 4-1 lead. The third round consisted of stand-ups by McCartney with the wrestlers repeatedly going off the mat. Dauch stayed on top the entire third period and got 3 stall calls. McCartney chose down on his two choices to restart, but the match ended with no further scoring. Final score 4-1.
152 -Zac Johnson of Williamstown (ranked #4 in the coaches poll) cruised to a 15-4 decision over unranked Mike Goff of Ritchie County. Johnson hit a 5 point cowboy to the back in the first, which Goff rolled and reversed out of. Johnson then escaped to end the first period leading 6-2. The second period began with wrestlers on thier feet. Johnson scored a takedown to make it 8-2. Goff was hit for stalling twice, and Johnson took down on a restart, reversed, and extended the lead to 10-2. Goff did manage a reversal later in the match, but Johnson went on to win 15-4.
160 - Braxton County's Tony Hardway had his hands full, but had more points at the end as he scored an 8-6 decision over Wirt County's Danny Drennen. Hardway look to be the agressor early, and Drennen looked to be laying back to wait for an opening. The strategy paid off, as Drennen spun behind Hardway after a bad shot and got the first takedown. Hardway escaped, and the round ended with Drennen leading 2-1. In the 2nd, Drennen took down. Again, Hardway looked anxious as he got high on an attempt to turn Drennen, got rolled, and fell behind 4-1. However, Hardway got the points back with an inside switch and the round ended with Drennen clinging to a 4-3 lead. In the third round, Hardway took down and the two wrestlers traded reversals. Hardway then escaped to tie the score 6-6, and went ahead 8-6 with a clean double leg with 1:06 to go. Hardway was able to make the score stick for the final minute of the match and the match ended 8-6.
171 - Kris Villers of Wirt County lived up to his #3 rank, as he scored a first period pin of Ritchie County's Clifford Underwood. Villars took Underwood down to his back and scored the first period fall.
189 - Arnold Houser of St Marys scored an 8-3 decision over Williamstown's Ryan Delebreau in a well wrestled match. Houser is one of several strong Blue Devil wrestlers, while Delebreau is a freshman who is contributing heavily toward Willimastown's late season surge this year.
215 - Ritchie County's Justice Smith scored a 2nd period pin of Ravenswood's Dana Raban. Smith scored first in the match with an escape after choosing down on a second stall. Smith then scored a takedown on a missed duck under and was on top and leading 3-0 when the fall occured. Smith caught Raban in a head lock as he tried to come up from the mat, and the match ended with the second period fall.
275 - In the heavyweight battle, Williamstown's Buddy Hawkins began the scoring with a takedown in the first. Ritchie County's Thomas Naylor took down to start the 2nd, trailing 2-0. Naylor escaped, but Hawkins answered with a takedown to move to a 4-1 lead. In the third Hawkins took down with a 4-1 lead. Hawkins appeared to give Naylor some openings with a couple of weak attempts to elbow roll, and had to fight off a cradle to avoid back points. He finally managed an escape and moved to a 5-1 lead in the third. A takedown by Hawkins and an escape by Naylor in the third made the final score 7-2

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