West Virginia Wrestling

1999 Western Maryland Spring Classic Champions

March 20, 1999 Fort Hill High School, Cumberland, MD
Bantam Division:
45lbs: Kelly Clar (Claysburg)
55lbs:Thaddeus Keklak (Westmont)
65lbs:Matt Aungst (Independent)
75lbs:Zac Bennett (Westmont)
85lbs:Noah DeVore (Fort Hill)
Hwt:Nick Beegle (Bedford)

Intermediate Division:
60lbs:Kelly Clar (Claysburg)
70lbs:Daniel Carr (Southern Garrett)
80lbs:Kelin Bidelspach (Spring Grove)
90lbs:Travis Dixon (Beall)
100lbs:Derrick Miller (Frankfort)
115lbs:Travis Dixon (Beall)

Junior Division:
90lbs:Chris “Moe” Hayhurst (Southern Garrett)
100lbs:Christopher Joliet (North Hagerstown)
110lbs:Darric Kamp (Northern Garrett)
120lbs:Brian Crowe (Beall)
130lbs:Shawn Shiflett (Southern Garrett)
145lbs: Nicholas Durst (Beall)
160lbs:Jonathan Papich (Smithsburg)

Senior Division:
105lbs: Jason Mabee (Fort Hill)
115lbs:Jason Hillegas (Fort Hill)
125lbs:DeVin Abshire (Jefferson)
135lbs:Jarron Moore (Southern Garrett)
145lbs:Zach Greenwald (North Hagerstown)
160lbs:Jason Litton (Frankfort)
175lbs:Nick Dolan (Southern Garrett)
190lbs:Russell Crosco (Southern Garrett)
Hwt:Brian Michael (Keyser)

Open Division:
150lbs:Tom Grim (Fort Hill)
160lbs:Steve Crowe (Beall)
180lbs:Eric Bendler (Southern Garrett)
190lbs:Robert Bowman (Beall)
Hwt:Tom Tracy (Independent)

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