West Virginia Wrestling

WV National Qualifer

National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) Open Championship

Date: April 24, 1999

Location: University High School

103 Championship: 1st Ashley Gandee 2nd Nathan Kendojorsty
112 Championship: 1st Dustin Bowers 2nd Chad Maggi
119 Championship: 1st Nathan Kinsley 2nd Josh Barrett
125 Championship: 1st Matt George 2nd Ash Wenmouth
130 Championship: 1st Anthony Regalbuto 2nd Brian Floyd
135 Championship: 1st Ben Wood 2nd Zack Myers
140 Championship: 1st Derek English 2nd Ed Weible
145 Championship: 1st Joshua Lewellen 2nd Paul Brook
152 Championship: 1st Jason Litten 2nd D.J. Tatar
160 Championship: 1st Jason Jones 2nd Jason Mays
171 Championship: 1st Terry smith 2nd Derrick Stover
189 Championship: 1st Joshua Moyer 2nd Adam Bernek
215 Championship: 1st Greg Six 2nd Mitch Hastings
275 Championship: 1st Joe Heath 2nd Jeremiah McCourt

103 Third Place: 3rd Johnathon Delligatti 4th Derek Maple
112 Third Place: 3rd Chantz Griffith 4th Matt Rosenteel
119 Third Place: 3rd Brad Michalski 4th Chase Jolly
125 Third Place: 3rd Jason Hayhurst 4th Jason Starsick
130 Third Place: 3rd Scott Lynch 4th John Prokopakis
135 Third Place: 3rd Antony Spadafore 4th Scotty Marshall
140 Third Place: 3rd Billy Gatain 4th Joey Mayle
145 Third Place: 3rd Trevor Marsh 4th Luke Hoover
152 Third Place: 3rd Donnie Hill 4th John Bland
160 Third Place: 3rd Brock Tetrick 4th Dustin Bosley
171 Third Place: 3rd Mel Cummings
189 Third Place: 3rd Josh Taylor 4th Chris Flynn
215 Third Place: 3rd Stephen McKinney
275 Third Place: 3rd Dave Hearst 4th Justin Ritter

103 Fifth Place: 5th Kevin Ballam 6th Mike Summers
112 Fifth Place: 5th Ben Floyd
125 Fifth Place: 5th Devin Abshire 6th Dustin Barnes
130 Fifth Place: 5th Jeff Perroots 6th Tony Reese
140 Fifth Place: 5th Jed Ott 6th Matt Jones
145 Fifth Place: 5th Chad Stiles
152 Fifth Place: 5th Hary Rhodes 6th Dave Hillard
160 Fifth Place: 5th Oliver Frum
189 Fifth Place: 5th Chris Neal
215 Fifth Place: 5th Brad Stafford

Comments: The top 4 place winners in each weight class have qualified for the National Open in Birmingham, Alabama on June 28-30. There were 11 state champions in the tournament as well as numerous state place winners! Matt George of Parkersburg was named the tournaments Outstanding Wrestler. His weight class (125) had 3 state champions and two of them were 2 time state champs!

Submitted by: Ken Maisel

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