West Virginia Wrestling

Cammack Bluestreak Invitational

Dec. 11th - 12th, 1998
Location: Huntington

Team Scores

  1. Point Pleasant 211
  2. Cheat Lake 205.5
  3. Cammack 188.5
  4. Milton 171
  5. Chesapeake (OH) 162
  6. Enslow 138
  7. Beverly Hills 82
  8. Barboursville 72
  9. Vinson 26
  10. Ashland Verity (KY) 4
75 Championship: Wotring (CL) over Kelley (Cam)
83 Championship: Robbins(CP) over Cottrell(Ens)
90 Championship: Turnbull(CL) over McCoy(PtP)
95 Championship: Campbell(CL) over Billings(PtP)
102 Championship: Gibbs(BV) over Morrison(Mil)
110 Championship: Collins(Ens) over Erwin(Ens2)
116 Championship: Russell(PtP) over Bonecutter (PtP2)
123 Championship: Duncan(PtP) over Jeffers (Cam)
128 Championship: Knott(PtP) over Bishop (Cam)
135 Championship: Thompson (CL) over Carr(PtP)
145 Championship: Knopp(PtP) over Emery (CL)
155 Championship: Gibson(MIlt) over Coon (CL)
165 Championship: Burge(BH) over Paysinger (Ens)
190 Championship: Dooley (BH) over Emerson (Milt)
250 Championship: McDonald (CP) over Hutchinson (Cam)

75 Third Place: Frye (BV) over Ray(Ens)
83 Third Place: Fullen(Cam) over Dennsion(Milt)
90 Third Place: Ray(Ens) over Hodge(PtP)
95 Third Place: Hicks(Cam) over Soboyna(Milt)
102 Third Place: Collins(CP) over Hill (PtP)
110 Third Place: Delligatti (Milt) over Plybon (Cam)
116 Third Place: McDonald (CP) over Gross (CL)
123 Third Place: Chapman(Ens) over Smith (CP)
128 Third Place: Jordan (Milt) over Boyle (CL)
135 Third Place: Dudley (Cam) over Hunt(CP)
145 Third Place: Patick (Cam) over Fletcher (CL)
155 Third Place: Singer (Vin) over Rhodes (PtP)
165 Third Place: Howard (Vin) over Farley(CP)
190 Third Place: Waugh (Ches) over Fry (BH)
250 Third Place: Sommers (CL) over Messinger (Ens)

Submitted by: Jim LeMaster / Milton Middle
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