West Virginia Wrestling

Trojan Invitational

Date: December 11-12, 1998
Location: McKinley Jr. High

Team ScoresDivision Winners
1. 237 McKinley
2. 172 Ripley Middle
3. 151 Hayes
4. 122 Sissonville Middle
5. 120 Summersville
6. 87 Herbert Hoover 9th
7. 69 Elkview Middle
8. 56 Ripley 9th
9. 53 DuPont
10. 52 Andrew Jackson Middle
11. 46 Spencer Middle
12. 37 Cedar Grove
13. 21 Nitro 9th
14. 4 John Adams
237 McKinley
Junior High Division
1. 237 McKinley
2. 151 Hayes
3. 120 Summersville
Middle School Division
1. 172 Ripley
2. 122 Sissonville
3. 69 Elkview
9th Grade Division
1. 87 Herbert Hoover

75 Championship: Fisher, SIS def Cobb, MCK by Fall
83 Championship: Cooper, RM def Diaz, SIS by Fall
90 Championship: Arnold, MCK def Frerech, HAY by Dec
95 Championship: Creamer, MCK def Hinzman, HAY by Fall
102 Championship: Pauley, MCK def Wriston, CG by Fall
110 Championship: Casto, RM def Roberts, HAY by Maj Dec
116 Championship: Binion, HAY def Osborne, ELK by Fall
123 Championship: Ferguson, MCK def Morris, ELK by Fall
128 Championship: Good, RM def Graley, MCK by Fall
135 Championship: Midkiff, MCK def Young, HH by Fall
145 Championship: Bowling, MCK def Cooper, HAY by Dec
155 Championship: Gentry, MCK def Staats, RIP by Dec
165 Championship: Phalen, RM def Rector, HH by Fall
190 Championship: Pursley, RM def Skeen, RIP by Fall
250 Championship: Hall, SUM def Facemire, HAY by Fall

75 Third Place: Reynolds, RM def Blunt, DUP by Fall
83 Third Place: Feltz, SPE def Kelly, SPE by Maj Dec
90 Third Place: Tucker, CG def Bolti, SPE by Fall
95 Third Place: Wiseman, SIS def Cavender, AJ by Maj Dec
102 Third Place: Wiseman, SIS def Haynes, AJ by Fall
110 Third Place: Casto, AJ def Griffin, SUM by Fall
116 Third Place: Page, AJ def Workman, ELK by Fall
123 Third Place: Sayre, RM def Nye, HAY by Dec
128 Third Place: Ramsey, RIP def Leach, SIS by Dec
135 Third Place: Shafer, SIS def McGee, HAY by Fall
145 Third Place: Asbury, ELK def Baker, SUM by Maj Dec
155 Third Place: Tackett, SUM def Lovejoy, HH by Dec
165 Third Place: Hanshaw, SUM def Olson, HAY by Dec
190 Third Place: Newman, DUP def Lane, SUM by Dec
250 Third Place: Coulter, NIT def Vance, RM by Fall

Submitted by: Rick Comer, Wrestling Coach, McKinley Jr. High

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