West Virginia Wrestling

2005 WVSSAC AAA State Wrestling Tournament

February 24-26, 2005
Huntington, West Virginia

2005 Team Champions - Parkersburg South

AAA State Champions, 2005
First row: Ronell Green, Wheeling Park, 103; Anthony Easter, Nitro, 119; Ron Green, Wheeling Park, 125; Seth Easter, Nitro, 130; Brandon Rader, Parkersburg, 135; Mitch Smith, Ripley, 140;
Second row: Micah Gerasimovich, Morgantown, 145; Dustin Richey, John Marshall, 152; Andy Thomas, Parkersburg, 160; Chance Litton, Parkersburg, 171; Codi Norman, Parkersburg South, 189; Joey Lindamood, Parkersburg, 215; Kevin Staub, Wheeling Park, 275
Not pictured: Dustin Haislip, Musselman, 112

2005 AAA Outstanding Wrester
Brandon Rader, Parkersburg

2005 AAA Rod Oldham Award Winner
Tim McCartney, Parkersburg South

Weight Class 103 Finalists

L-R: Tyrell Mason, North Marion; Colton Gustines, Jefferson; Corey Matheny, Parkersburg South; Ronell Green, Wheeling Park; Daniel Felton, Brooke; Danny Armstrong, Hedgesville

Weight Class 112 Finalists

L-R: Tyler Riddle, Ripley; Stephen Jewell, Wheeling Park; Hueston Kellar, Parkersburg South; Dustin Haislip, Musselman; Zach Fraley, Huntington; Scott Chapman, Jefferson

Weight Class 119 Finalists

L-R: Jim McFarland, Brooke; Seth Phalen, Ripley; Abbie Rush, Wheeling Park; Anthony Easter, Nitro; Travis Townsend, Parkersburg South; Zach Morton, East Fairmont

Weight Class 125 Finalists

L-R: Logan Martin, Ripley; Billy Barrett, Musselman; Zac McCray, Parkersburg South; Ron Green, Wheeling Park; Ike Ward, Buckhannon-Upshur; Shawn Dixon, Huntington

Weight Class 130 Finalists

L-R: Jeff Kesecker, Nicholas County; Mike Michalski, Fairmont Senior; Josh Neal, Parkersburg; Seth Easter, Nitro; Matt Dunn, Parkersburg South; Chris Marshall, University

Weight Class 135 Finalists

L-R: Tyler Smith, Spring Valley; Chris Miles, Cabell Midland; Jeremy McCarty, Lewis County; Brandon Rader, Parkersburg; Justin Lodge, North Marion; Lee Doyle, John Marshall

Weight Class 140 Finalists

L-R: Spencer Ford, Fairmont Senior; Ben Waldron, University; Casey Ice, Parkersburg; Mitch Smith, Ripley; Aaron Kelley, Parkersburg South; Evan Worland, Huntington

Weight Class 145 Finalists

L-R: Aaron Dunlap, Nitro; Brandon Demastes, Buckhannon-Upshur; Shaun Smith, Parkersburg South; Micah Gerasimovich, Morgantown; Erick Hinerman, North Marion; Josh Bailey, Parkersburg

Weight Class 152 Finalists

L-R: Troy Foltz, Hedgesville; Henry Miller, University; Chad Porter, Parkersburg South; Dustin Richey, John Marshall; Chad Nelson, Huntington
Not pictured: Drew Retton, Fairmont Senior

Weight Class 160 Finalists

L-R: C. J. Runyon, Huntington; Chris Conner, Martinsburg; Andy Thomas, Parkersburg; Dana Davis, Brooke; Jared Sella, Hedgesville
Not pictured: Nick Munday, Parkersburg South

Weight Class 171 Finalists

L-R: Shawn Simmons, John Marshall; Bryan Teter, Parkersburg South; Chance Litton, Parkersburg; John Rexroad, Buckhannon-Upshur; Justin Jarrell, Huntington

Weight Class 189 Finalists

L-R: Jacob Antoine, Woodrow Wilson; Eric Ollom, Nitro; Billy Ray, East Fairmont; Codi Norman, Parkersburg South; Derrick Young, Hedgesville; Gasper Golden, University

Weight Class 215 Finalists

L-R: Drew Mauck, Fairmont Senior; Devin Dulaney, Brooke; Josh Davis, Parkersburg South; Joey Lindamood, Parkersburg; Mike Cremeans, Cabell Midland; Jeff Nelson, Robert C. Byrd

Weight Class 275 Finalists

L-R: Scott Warnick, Morgantown; Ryan Cook, Huntington; Josiah Dorton, Parkersburg South; Kevin Staub, Wheeling Park; Gaynon Bunner, East Fairmont; Ben Anderson, Ripley

Thanks to Jenny Sullivan

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