2007 WVSSAC AA/A State Wrestling Tournament

February 22-24, 2007
Huntington, West Virginia

2007 Team Champions - Oak Glen

2007 Team Runners-Up - Point Pleasant

AA/A State Champions, 2007
First row: Zach Basich, Wheeling Central, 140; Tyler Cumpston, Cameron, 135; David Dennis, Ravenswood, 130; Sonny Harrah, Shady Spring, 125; Cody Clark, Calhoun County, 119; Alec Peer, Frankfort, 112; Dirk Bauer, Wheeling Central, 103
Second row: Jake Justice, Independence, 145; Cameron Gallaher, Grafton, 152; Anthony Jeffers, Point Pleasant, 160; Nick Hylton, Liberty Raleigh, 171; Cody Reed, Berkeley Springs, 189; Ryan Fell, Oak Hill, 215; Brian Barnhart, St. Marys, 285

2007 AA/A Outstanding Wrestler
Cody Clark, Calhoun County

2007 AA/A Dix Manning Award Winner
Larry Shaw, Oak Glen

Weight Class 103 Finalists

L-R: Nick Stevens, Calhoun County; Michael Prince, Shady Spring; Derek Hovermale, Berkeley Springs; Dirk Bauer, Wheeling Central; Ryan Asbury, Oak Glen; Drew Smith, Wirt County

Weight Class 112 Finalists

L-R: Seth Jarvis, Calhoun County; Phillip Allen, Point Pleasant; Troy Eckleberry, Oak Glen; Alec Peer, Frankfort; Chuck Richards, Ritchie County; Sean Grose, Clay County

Weight Class 119 Finalists

L-R: Ethan Dray, Oak Glen; Matt McCourt, Clay County; Cody Clark, Calhoun County; Cody Clarkson, Roane County; Tyler George, Williamstown
Not pictured: Shawn Sexton, Independence

Weight Class 125 Finalists

L-R: Jacob Milam, Liberty Raleigh; Mackenzie Peters, Williamstown; Randy Ferrill, Greenbrier West; Sonny Harrah, Shady Spring; Jordan Adkins, Clay County; Joel Paolo, Oak Glen

Weight Class 130 Finalists

L-R: Danny Palmateer, St. Marys; Tommy Young, Webster County; Nick McAvoy, Oak Glen; David Dennis, Ravenswood; Aaron Snoberger, Frankfort; Randy Arnold; Keyser

Weight Class 135 Finalists

L-R: Kenny Morgan, Lincoln; Max Nogay, Madonna; John King, Philip Barbour; Tyler Cumpston, Cameron; Cody Moore, Herbert Hoover; Aaron Hinzman, Ritchie County

Weight Class 140 Finalists

L-R: Derek Roberts, Calhoun County; Josh Davis, Independence; Ryan Flowers, Williamstown; Zach Basich, Wheeling Central; Perry Dellagatta, Philip Barbour; Ben Snoberger, Frankfort

Weight Class 145 Finalists

L-R: Cruz McIntyre, Liberty Harrison; Blake Mangold, Keyser; Zack Six, Oak Glen; Jake Justice, Independence; Derrick Williams, Herbert Hoover; Janson Hall, Shady Spring

Weight Class 152 Finalists

L-R: Larry Dean, Oak Hill; Scott Boggs, Roane County; Cody Miller, Oak Glen; Cameron Gallaher, Grafton; James Casto, Point Pleasant; Josh Morris, Herbert Hoover

Weight Class 160 Finalists

L-R: John Jones, Oak Hill; Chase Hyde, Ritchie County; Kevin Tanner, Braxton County; Anthony Jeffers, Point Pleasant; Tyson Bennett, Berkeley Springs; Russ Palm, Williamstown

Weight Class 171 Finalists

L-R: Tyler Mixer, St. Marys; Jared Kleman, Clay County; T. J. Osbon, Oak Glen; Nick Hylton, Liberty Raleigh; Zach Gobel, Grafton; Jon Myles, Greenbrier West

Weight Class 189 Finalists

L-R: Colby McCoy, Point Pleasant; Cody Sheme, Grafton; Ryan Fickiesen, St. Marys; Cody Reed, Berkeley Springs; Samson Gianessi, Weir; Jack Wright, Oak Glen

Weight Class 215 Finalists

L-R: Josh Simmons, Lincoln; Jonsen Edens, Sissonville; Trent Walker, Greenbrier West; Ryan Fell, Oak Hill; Jim Bob Anderson, Herbert Hoover; Jared Steiner, Braxton County

Weight Class 285 Finalists

L-R: Jimmy Boyd, Oak Glen; Ronnie Walls, Sissonville; Mike Carpenter, Liberty Raleigh; Brian Barnhart, St. Marys; Jeremy Hall, Shady Spring; Andrew Kile, Tyler Consolidated

Thanks to Jenny Sullivan

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