West Virginia Wrestling

2014 West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament
AA/A Placewinners

February 7 - March 1, 2014
Big Sandy Superstore Arena, Huntington, West Virginia


L to R
5th: Chase Stover, Herbert Hoover Fr 34-10
3rd: Jacob Spencer, Roane County Fr 41-9
1st: Jack Cummings, Clay County Sr 42-3
2nd: Allen Metheney, Calhoun County Fr 47-5
4th: Hunter Riffle, Doddridge County Fr 30-8
6th: Ryan Debee, Oak Glen Jr 35-10


L to R
5th: Dalton Wilt, Keyser Fr 50-8
3rd: Danny Wyke, Oak Glen Jr 32-7
1st: Cam Moore, Roane County So 43-3
2nd: Logan Robertson, Greenbrier West So 32-3
4th: Teddy Stover, Independence Jr 41-7
6th: Ryan Keckley, Sissonvile Sr 19-7


L to R
5th: Will Cox, Independence So 47-6
3rd: Houstin McCune, Calhoun County So 47-6
1st: Ryan Elliott, North Marion Sr 58-2
2nd: Jacob Monn, Ritchie County Jr 43-6
4th: Corey Secrist, Petersburg Fr 38-5
6th: Caleb Currence, Greenbrier West So 25-14


L to R
5th: Jacob Bennett, Wahama Sr 42-7
3rd: Josh Cornell, Oak Glen Sr 22-8
1st: Jacob Hart, Independence Fr 48-8
2nd: Cody Goff, Grafton Sr 45-2
4th: Bailey Bowles, Fayetteville Sr 38-10
6th: Chris Goad, Calhoun County Jr 16-6


L to R
5th: Avery Flowers, Oak Glen Sr 36-13
3rd: Randall Robie, Wahama Sr 44-9
1st: Dalton George, Williamstown Sr 35-2
2nd: Dustin Yoakum, Greenbrier West Jr 34-3
4th: Brody Nesslerotte, East Fairmont Sr 43-11
6th: Kyle Elliott, North Marion Fr 39-22


L to R
5th: Colton Ward, Independence Sr 49-7
3rd: Nick Tice, Oak Glen Jr 36-9
1st: Dalton Michael, East Fairmont So 49-5
2nd: Austin Stanley, North Marion Jr 30-8
4th: Brent Wyne, Fairmont Senior Sr 48-11
6th: Cody Ferguson, Wirt County Sr 42-14


L to R
5th: C. J. Capps, Berkeley Springs Sr 51-18
3rd: Cole Ritchie, Calhoun County So 50- 6
1st: Anthony Alvaro, Fairmont Senior Sr 53-3
2nd: Cody Clifton, Independence Jr 50- 3
4th: Garrett Crites, Keyser Jr 46- 8
6th: Austin Raines, Williamstown So 30-17


L to R
5th: Jake Tracewell, Williamstown Sr 8-2
3rd: Tyler Moore, Grafton Sr 47-4
1st: Noah Adams, Independence Fr 51-5
4th: Alex Shuman, Oak Glen So 38-11
6th: Jordan Tincher, Greenbrier West Jr 36-12

(Not Pictured -2nd: Hayden Stewart, East Fairmont Sr 49-3)


L to R
5th: Levi Jarvis, Braxton County Fr 38- 12
3rd: Jacob Mellott, Keyser Sr 54- 3
1st: Malik Boatwright, Greenbrier West Sr 35- 2
2nd: Dustin Justice, Independence Jr 43- 11
4th: James Bell, Philip Barbour Jr 43- 7
6th: Luke Scott, Roane County Sr 32- 11


L to R
5th: Cole Boatright, Calhoun County Jr 42-15
3rd: Kane Roush, Wahama Sr 34-2
1st: Marquis Frazier, Greenbrier West Jr 36-1
2nd: Alex Daniels, Independence So 46-9
4th: Cody Rodeheaver, Keyser So 45-6
6th: Bryson Dennison, Braxton County Jr 15-6


L to R
5th: Thomas Williams, Independence Jr 46-12
3rd: Will Schoonover, Moorefield So 37-1
1st: Tyler Stewart, Clay County Sr 10-0
2nd: Jake Tyler, Nicholas County Sr 38-2
4th: Caleb Nice, Magnolia Fr 38-3
6th: Waylon Miller, Cameron Sr 33-14


L to R
5th: Mark Sutton, Bluefield Jr 34-9
3rd: Brandon White, Clay County So 42-7
1st: David Hastings, Williamstown Sr 36-7
2nd: Jeremy Pratt, St. Marys Jr 26-9
4th: Trey Williams, Independence Jr 39-11
6th: Ethan Lucas, Grafton Jr 37-13


L to R
5th: Drew Hicks, Nicholas County Sr 39-6
3rd: Wyatt Dawson, Clay County Jr 29-11
1st: Vincent Delligatti, Fairmont Senior Sr 53-2
2nd: Zane Weese, Herbert Hoover Sr 36-3
4th: Dylan Pickrell, Wirt County Jr 30-8
6th: Cody Loudermilk, Greenbrier West Jr 34-8


L to R
5th: Tyler Davis, St. Marys Sr 33-9
3rd: Noah Markley, Bridgeport So 31-4
1st: Brent Barber, Fairmont Senior Jr 48-9
2nd: Caije Nichols, Roane County Jr 42-8
4th: Noah Mills, Oak Glen Jr 29-15
6th: Ryan Moore, Liberty Harrison Sr 44-7

Thanks to Jenny Sullivan for the photos

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