West Virginia Wrestling

2017 West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament
AA/A Placewinners

February 23-25, 2017
Big Sandy Superstore Arena, Huntington, West Virginia


L to R
5th: Ashby West, Oak Hill (AA) Fr 42-9
3rd: Blake Whorton, East Fairmont (AA) Fr 44-6
1st: Noah Hodges, Grafton (AA) So 59-0
2nd: Connor Spaulding, Ritchie County (A) So 40-4
4th: Ty Logston, Oak Glen (AA) Sr 42-11
6th: Aidan Gibson, Bridgeport (AA) Fr 29-8


L to R
5th: Justin Stover, Herbert Hoover (AA) Jr 36-7
3rd: Lane Flint, East Fairmont (AA) So 46-6
1st: Liam Lusher, Independence (AA) So 30-8
2nd: George Smith, Point Pleasant (AA) So 43-8
4th: Keith Skaggs, Grafton (AA) Jr 57-3
6th: Brantley Guckert, Williamstown (A) Jr 31-20


L to R
5th: Sean Dawson, Independence (AA) Fr 33-13
3rd: Dylan Dennison, Braxton County (AA) Jr 56-2
1st: Peyton Hall, Oak Glen (AA) Fr 43-3
2nd: Cole Laya, East Fairmont (AA) Jr 45-2
4th: Chase Stover, Herbert Hoover (AA) Sr 20-5
6th: Wyatt Powell, Wirt County (A) So 32-8


L to R
5th: Gage Vincent, Braxton County (AA) Jr 54-5
3rd: Tanner Harris, Independence (AA) Jr 37-11
1st: Caleb Rea, Weir (AA) Jr 43-1
2nd: Brock Whorton, East Fairmont (AA) Jr 46-5
4th: Riley Nice, Magnolia (A) Sr 39-12
6th: Ethan Swick, Petersburg (AA) Jr 48-18


L to R
5th: Bryant Dixon, Keyser (AA) Jr 42-11
3rd: Corey Secrist, Petersburg (AA) Sr 54-2
1st: Hunter Taylor, Independence (AA) Jr 28-11
2nd: Alec Cook, Madonna (A) So 49-7
4th: Allen Metheney, Calhoun County (A) Sr 34-9
6th: Zach Davis, Berkeley Springs (AA) Jr 46-10


L to R
5th: Jake Whiting, Roane County (AA) So 40-10
3rd: Nathan McClaugherty, Independence (AA) Sr 35-12
1st: Robert Bozek, Oak Glen (AA) Sr 42-8
2nd: Austin Pumphrey, Frankfort (AA) Jr 37-3
4th: Hunter Mitchell, Lewis County (AA) Jr 43-7
6th: Gamon Trigg, Bluefield (AA) So 36-5


L to R
5th: Bailey Alderman, Richwood (A) Jr 41-11
3rd: Hunter Moore, Wirt County (A) Jr 35-5
1st: Connor Gibson, Independence (AA) Jr 25-5
2nd: Davy Mundey, Berkeley Springs (AA) Jr 58-4
4th: Dillon Williams, Grafton (AA) Fr 49-13
6th: Daynon Foster, East Fairmont (AA) Sr 25-9


L to R
5th: Tristan Fox, Keyser (AA) Fr 36-15
3rd: Caleb Kuhn, North Marion (AA) Sr 47-8
1st: Haegan Harvey, Independence (AA) Jr 23-10
2nd: Chase Patterson, Greenbrier West (A) Fr 42-4
4th: Phil Good, Madonna (A) Sr 35-8
6th: Jay Hall, Winfield (AA) Jr 51-10


L to R
5th: Shayden Daugherty, Keyser (AA) Jr 41-13
3rd: Vincent Devaney, Nitro (AA) Jr 33-6
1st: Kyle Elliott, North Marion (AA) Sr 46-5
2nd: Nathan Warden, Independence (AA) Fr 28-13
6th: Cooper Hineman, Bridgeport (AA) Jr 33-10
(Not Pictured - 4th: Seth Moore, Calhoun County (A) Sr 44-7)


L to R
5th: Colten Rollyson, Herbert Hoover (AA) Sr 24-3
3rd: Adam Daniels, Independence (AA) Jr 39-10
1st: Jackson Moomau, Petersburg (AA) Jr 57-1
2nd: Levi Jarvis, Braxton County (AA) Sr 55-2
4th: Dylan Kincell, East Fairmont (AA) Jr 38-13
6th: Eric Workman, Liberty Raleigh (AA) Jr 45-14


L to R
5th: Daniel Browning, Logan (AA) Sr 26-6
3rd: Andrew Lewis, North Marion (AA) Sr 42-10
1st: Jacob Hart, Independence (AA) Sr 38-2
2nd: Grant Safford, Point Pleasant (AA) Sr 44-3
4th: Alec Burgess, Petersburg (AA) So 55-8
6th: Garrett Morris, Berkeley Springs (AA) Sr 46-19


L to R
5th: Ryan Stewart, Clay County (AA) Sr 27-3
3rd: Andrew Roach, Point Pleasant (AA) Sr 39-12
1st: Caleb Nice, Magnolia (A) Sr 44-3
2nd: Paul Frampton, Nitro (AA) Jr 37-3
4th: Jake Abbott, Fairmont Senior (AA) Sr 35-4
6th: Trey Gunnoe, Independence (AA) Jr 41-12


L to R
5th: Jordan Hartman, Petersburg (AA) Sr 56-8
3rd: Garrett Burnside, Roane County (AA) Sr 34-6
1st: Noah Adams, Independence (AA) Sr 39-0
2nd: Mike Burns, Wirt County (A) Sr 33-4
4th: Christian Lively, Oak Hill (AA) Jr 39-8
6th: Scott Ledbetter, Berkeley Springs (AA) Sr 50-11


L to R
5th: Garrett Ware, Grafton (AA) Jr 44-5
3rd: Peyton Carey, Herbert Hoover (AA) Sr 35-3
1st: Zach Frazier, Fairmont Senior (AA) Fr 39-2
2nd: Austin Cook, Sissonville (AA) Sr 29-7
4th: Trey White, Pikeview (AA) Jr 32-5
6th: Cory Chipps, Tyler Consolidated (A) Jr 34-9

Thanks to Jenny Hannan for the photos

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