West Virginia High School Wrestling

Notes on the (failed) 1928 State Wrestling Tournament

In 1927, officials in the athletic department at West Virginia University proposed a high school wrestling tournament to help prepare wrestlers for the collegiate sport. WVU Athletic Director H.A. Stansbury noted that the success of other collegiate programs in America was related to established high school programs from which to draw athletes. At that time, WVU recruited wrestlers from the general student body, and apparantly candidates for the wrestling team had no experience with the sport prior to enrolling at WVU. Wrestling was reported to be the second most popular sport at WVU, behind football in popularity, having been promoted as a varsity sport since 1921. In 1923, over 100 wrestlers tried out for the University's team. At least ten high school teams were in existance in West Virginia in 1927 and 20 high schools were interested in participating in the 1928 tournament.

The inaugural tournament was proposed for the spring of 1928, but apparantly was cancelled weeks prior to its scheduled date. The tournament failed to gain the approval of the West Virginia High School Athletic Association Board of Appeals.

From The Pakersburg News, March 8, 1927

From The Pakersburg News, January 21, 1928

From The Pakersburg News, February 29, 1928

Thanks to Brent Sams, Parkersburg WV
From The Pakersburg News

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