West Virginia Wrestling

12th Annual West Virginia State Wrestling Tournament

February 27-28, 1959 at Morgantown, WV
Director: Coach Steve Harrick, WVU

The 1959 tournament was wrestled before a meager crowd at Memorial Fieldhouse in Morgantown West Virginia. The team title became a three team race between Weirton, Fairmont and Parkersburg and was decided on the next to last match when Parkersburg's Tom Holbert defeated Fairmont's Charles Freeland. It was the first time any school had won three consecutive titles.

Three of the four heavyweight contenders were future Hall-of-Famers. 2004 inductee Roger Jefferson of Barboursville, 2006 inductee Bob Delorenzo of Fairmont and 2008 inductee George Nedeff of Parkersburg. Delorenzo defeated defending champion Nedeff in a thrilling double overtime decision.

Parkersburg's Millard Atkinson and Sophia's Jim Mills successfully defended their titles. Webster Springs' Phil Harris also won the schools first and only championship. He was coached by future politician and hall-of-famer A. James Manchin.

Team Standings
1 Parkersburg** 43
2T Fairmont 36
2T Weirton 36
4 Morgantown 29
5 Sophia 24
6 Barboursville 20
7 Hinton 18
8 Shady Spring 13
9 Webster Springs 12
10 Wheeling 8
11 Kingwood 7
12 Beckley 5
13T Logan 4
13T Madison Scott 4
13T Harrisville 4
16 Richwood 2

Championship Finals
103 Bill Lester (Shady Spring) WBF Charles Buckhannon (Morgantown) F 3:26
112 Millard Atkinson* (Parkersburg) DEC John Webb (Hinton) D 3-0
120 Walter Wareswich (Morgantown) DEC David Osborne (Barboursville) D 4-2
127 Roger Stoops (Parkersburg) DEC Danny Beafore (Fairmont) D 5-2
133 Jim Mills* (Sophia) WBF Ted Greenlief (Weirton) F 2:26
138 Jim Varner (Weirton) WBF Don Mosley (Fairmont) F 3:39
145 Phil Harris (Webster Springs) DEC Bob McAnich (Wheeling) D 7-3
154 Melvin Sutton (Weirton) DEC Jerry Wilson (Hinton) D 4-0
165 Tom Holbert (Parkersburg) DEC Charles Freeland (Fairmont) D 3-1
UNL Bob Delorenzo (Fairmont) DEC George Nedeff* (Parkersburg) D 4-2; 2OT

Consolation Finals
103 Jerry Lilly (Madison Scott) DEC Gary Virtue (Weirton) D 6-4
112 John Bolyard (Kingwood) WBF Phil Neff (Barboursville) F 3:43
120 Marlin Goff (Harrisville) DEC Richard Jolley (Sophia) D 4-0
127 Bud Mills (Madison Scott) WBF Ron Easley (Logan) F 5:48
133 Bob McIntyre (Morgantown) DEC Richard Jefferson (Barboursville) D 4-2
138 Henry Houseknecht (Sophia) DEC John Walker (Logan) D 4-2
145 Phil Donaldson (Beckley) WBF Darwin Tichnell (Kingwood) F FOR
154 Larry Holt (Morgantown) WBF Alvin Wisenek (Webster Springs) F 4:34
165 Ivan Smith (Barboursville) DEC Bob Hogan (Hinton) D 3-0
UNL Roger Jefferson (Barboursville) DEC John Dorito (Richwood) D 2-0

Championship Semi-Finals
103 Charles Buckhannon (Morgantown) WBF Jerry Lilly (Madison Scott) F 5:31
103 Bill Lester (Shady Spring) DEC Gary Virtue (Weirton) D 7-1
112 Millard Atkinson (Parkersburg) WBF Phil Neff (Barboursville) F 3:32
112 John Webb (Hinton) DEC John Bolyard (Kingwood) D 5-3
120 Walter Wareswich (Morgantown) DEC Marlin Goff (Harrisville) D 3-1
120 David Osborne (Barboursville) DEC Richard Jolley (Sophia) D 5-4
127 Danny Beafore (Fairmont) WBF Ron Easley (Logan) F 1:21
127 Roger Stoops (Parkersburg) DEC Bud Mills (Madison Scott) M 14-0
133 Ted Greenlief (Weirton) WBF Bob McIntyre (Morgantown) F 3:30
133 Jim Mills (Sophia) WBF Richard Jefferson (Barboursville) F 3:34
138 Don Mosley (Fairmont) DEC Henry Houseknecht (Sophia) D 13-7
138 Jim Varner (Weirton) WBF John Walker (Logan) F 5:02
145 Bob McAnich (Wheeling) DEC Phil Donaldson (Beckley) D 4-2
145 Phil Harris (Webster Springs) WBF Darwin Tichnell (Kingwood) F 2:53
154 Jerry Wilson (Hinton) DEC Larry Holt (Morgantown) D 8-2
154 Melvin Sutton (Weirton) WBF Alvin Wisenek (Webster Springs) F 3:37
165 Tom Holbert (Parkersburg) WBF Ivan Smith (Barboursville) F 3:34
165 Charles Freeland (Fairmont) DEC Bob Hogan (Hinton) D 4-1
UNL George Nedeff (Parkersburg) DEC John Dorito (Richwood) D 3-1
UNL Bob Delorenzo (Fairmont) DEC Roger Jefferson (Barboursville) D 7-4

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