West Virginia Wrestling

1966 West Virginia State Wrestling Championships

Date: 2-25/26-1966
Location: Morgantown, WV

Team Scores
1. Weirton 45
2. Stonewall Jackson (Charleston) 31
3. Dupont 26
4. Morgantown 23
5. Huntington High 20
    Shady Spring 20
7. Charleston George Washington
8. Charleston 12
9. Keyser 11
    Moundsville 11
11. Kingwood 10
    Barboursville 10
13. Milton 9
14. Philip Barbour 8
15. Martinsburg 5
16. Petersburg 2
17. Beckley 1

95 Championship: Ricky Meadows (Shady Spring) outpointed Howard Hogan 9-0
103 Championship: Dick Haines (Morgantown) defeated Larry Rine (Moundsville) by judges decision in ot
112 Championship: Leon Ravenscraft (Keyser) outpointed Mason Epperly(Shady Spring) 2-1
120 Championship: John Aarango (Weirton) outpointed Larry Samms (Stonewall Jackson) 8-2
127 Championship: Bill Archer (Huntington) outpointed Lloyd Day (Stonewall Jackson)6-3
133 Championship: Dwight Motley (Weirton) outpointed Terry Reed (Barboursville) 10-1
138 Championship: Mike Jonas (Parkersburg) outpointed Tony Costello (Kingwood) 7-5
145 Championship: Dave Bock (George Washington) outpointed Chuck Nickolson (Philip Barbour)9-5
154 Championship: Ronald Woodson (Dupont) outpointed George Wallace (Milton) 3-1
165 Championship: Bill Donohew (Stonewall Jackson) pinned Ted "Bear" Simpkins(Huntington) 1:15 in 3rd Period
180 Championship: Earl Cochran (Dupont) outpointed Larry Koust(Weirton) 3-2
UNL Championship: Matteo Magnone (Weirton) pinned Chip Bennett(Morgantown) 1:10 in 2nd Period

95 Semifinal: Hogan (Stonewall Jackson) pinned Dwight Wolfe (Moundsville) 1:20 3rd Period
95 Semifinal: Meadows(Shady Spring) dec George Lee (Morgantown) 6-1
103 Semifinal: Rine (Moundsville) dec Audrey Drenner (George Washington) 4-3
103 Semifinal: Haines (Morgantown) dec David Hoopingardner
112 Semifinal: Epperly (Shady Spring) dec Adrian Younger (Moundsville) 8-2
112 Semifinal: Ravenscraft(Keyser) dec Bernie Drenner(George Washington) 6-0
120 Semifinal: Arrango (Weirton) dec Dave Thorne (Kingwood)
120 Semifinal: Samms (Stonewall Jackson) decision Doug Jarrell(Shady Spring) 6-1
127 Semifinal: Bill Archer (Huntington) dec Bill Forinash (Weston) 6-1
127 Semifinal: Lloyd Day (Stonewall Jackson) dec Charles Delaney (Weirton) 4-2?
133 Semifinal: Reed (Barboursville) pinned Charles Betoney (Morgantown) 1:32 3rd Period
133 Semifinal: Motley (Weirton) dec Henry Pickens (Charleston) 3-2
138 Semifinal: Jonas (Parkersburg) dec Steve Hammond (Martinsburg) 11-2
138 Semifinal: Connie Costele(King) dec James Thomas (Belle,Dupont)
145 Semifinal: Bock (George Washington) pinned Billy Lynns (Petersburg) :34
145 Semifinal: Nicholson (Barboursville) dec John Payne (Beckley) 6-0
154 Semifinal: Wallace (Milton) dec Dave Clark (Berkeley Springs) 2-1 ot
154 Semifinal: Woodson (Dupont) dec Jim Hudkins (Moundsville) 5-3
165 Semifinal: Ted "Bear" Simpkins(Huntington) dec Danny McCrady (Martinsburg)13-3
165 Semifinal: Donahue (StonewallJackson) pinned Charles Wolfe(Moundsville) 1:22 2nd Period
180 Semifinal: Cochran (Keyser) pinned Gary Jones (Shady Spring) 1:552nd Period
180 Semifinal: Koust (Weirton) dec Richard Bragg (Milton) 6-2
UNL Semifinal: Magnone(Weirton) pinned Donald Meadows (Barboursville)1:01 2nd Period
UNL Semifinal: Bennett(Morgantown) dec Mark Palmer(Martinsburg) 6-0


Dwight Wolfe, Moundsville BYE
Howard Hogan, Stonewall Jackson def. John Green, Martinsburg
George Lee, Morgantown def. Toussaint Davis, Logan
Dick Meadows, Shady Spring BYE

Larry Rine, Moundsville BYE
Audrey Drenner, George Washington def. Randy Keiling, Beckley
Dick Haines, Morgantown def. Russell Willoughby, Huntington
David Hoopingardner, Berkeley Springs BYE

Mason Epperly, Shady Spring BYE
Adrian Younger, Moundsville def. Larry Heater, Weston
Bernie Drennen, George Washington def. Jim Walker, Huntington
Leon Ravenscraft, Keyser BYE

John Arango, Weirton BYE
Dave Thorn, Kingwood def. Dave Simpkins, Huntington East
Doug Jarrell, Shady Spring def. Doug Snyder, Hedgesville
Larry Samms, Stonewall Jackson BYE

Bill Forinash, Weston BYE
Bill Archer, Huntington def. Jack Waugh, Berkeley Springs
Lloyd Day, Stonewall Jackson def. Roy French, Shady Spring
Charles Delaney, Weirton BYE

Terry Reed, Barboursville BYE
Charles Betoney, Morgantown def. Weston Lilly, Shady Spring
Henry Pickens, Charleston def. Bill Brotmarkle, Keyser
Dwight Motley, Weirton BYE

Mike Jonas, Parkersburg BYE
Tony Costele, Kingwood def. Lester Halstead, Shady Spring
Steve Hammond, Martinsburg def Pete Michaels, Huntington
James Thomas, DuPont BYE

Dave Bock, George Washington BYE
John Payne, Beckley def. Dave Miller, Moundsville
Bill Lyons, Petersburg def. Ronnie Beasley, Barboursville
Chuck Nicholson, Philip Barbour BYE

Dave Clark, Berkeley Springs BYE
George Wallace, Milton def. Mike Jenkins, Mullens
Ronald Woodson, DuPont def. Jack Wothring, Kingwood
Jim Hudkins, Moundsville BYE

Ted Simpkins, Huntington BYE
Charles Wolfe, Moundsville def. Rodney McDonald, Fairmont West
Danny McCrady, Martinsburg def. Lynuell Midkiff, Pineville
Bill Donahue, Stonewall Jackson BYE

Gary Jones, Shady Spring BYE
Larry Kosut, Weirton def. Dan Zirkle, Philip Barbour
Earl Cochran, DuPont def. Fred Schadler, Keyser
Richard Bragg, Milton BYE

Magnone Matteo, Weirton BYE
Donald Meadows, Barboursville def. Mike Breadmont, Big Creek
Mark Palmer, Martinsburg def. Bill Smith, Scott
Chip Bennett, Morgantown BYE

Submitted by: Randy Edrington, Brent Sams

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