West Virginia High School Wrestling

29th Annual West Virginia State Wrestling Tournament - AA/A

February 20-21, 1976
Woody Williams Armory, Fairmont West Virginia

1976 was the first year the WVSSAC State Wrestling Tournament was held with two divisions -- AAA and AA/A.

For 1976, the state was divided into four regions. The champion and runner-up from each region qualified for the tournament. Warwood was the Region I champ and Spencer was the Region I runner-up. Warwood and Clay County of Region III each qualified 10 wrestlers. Keyser qualified 8, Big Creek 6, Buffalo Wayne and Shady Spring 5, and Petersburg, Spencer, And Greenbrier West qualified 4.

Noted in passing is the unusual occurrence of a double disqualification in the UNL semifinals. As reported by sportswriter Dave Grande of the Parkersburg News...
However, it was Double-A heavyweight match between Wheeling Central's Wayne Lichwa and Nicholas County's Leroy Hanshaw that may te most remembered when the tourney concludes this evening.

With Lichwas leading 6-1, both wrestlers were disqualified for slugging by mat referee Frank Riggs.

"Both boys were slugging out there and I went directly by the rule book on my decision. It's a flagrant misconduct call and calls for disqualification without warning. I know I was exactly right in making the call," Riggs said.

"There was no slugging out there," Wheeling Central Coach Bill Welker screamed. "This is the state tournament, give these kids a break."

After a lengthy conference with the officials, WVSSAC Executive - Secretary Sam Williams allowed the ruling to stand. The announcement of the decision did not sit favorably with the more than 1700 fans in attendance.

As a result of the double disqualification, Steve Doe of Warwood won the UNL championship without having to wrestle a match, and there was no UNL runner-up.

The AA Outstanding Wrestler award went to Robert Perry of Big Creek, who defeated defending state runners-up Dale Litten of Keyser and Randy Ash of Spencer, rallying from large deficits in both matches.

Team Scores

1. Warwood 115.5
2. Big Creek 48
3. Spencer 40
4. Bridgeport 37
4. Clay County 37
6. Keyser 27.5
7. St Marys 27
8. Shady Spring 24.5
9. Buffalo Wayne 20
10. Greenbrier West 19.5
10. University 19.5
12. Petersburg 19
13. Williamstown 15
14. Poca 14
15. Walton 11
16. Berkeley Springs 8
17. Mannington 7.5
17. Milton 7.54
19. Nicholas County 6
20. Winfield 5
21. Wirt County 5
22. Wheeling Central 3
23. Cameron 2.5
24. Gary, Musselman, Northfork, Sophia, Welch



Weight Class 98
1. Matt Ashley, Spencer
2. Jack Hoover, Greenbrier West
3. Steve Chambers, Wirt County
4. Anthony Simms, Nicholas County

Weight Class 105
1. Stan Johnson, Warwood
2. Kyle Casto, Williamstown
3. Brad Lane, Clay County
4. Monty Burks, Winfield

Weight Class 112
1. Robert Perry, Big Creek
2. Dale Litten, Keyser
3. Randy Ash, Spencer
4. John Caponitti, Shady Spring

Weight Class 119
1. Greg Jewell, Warwood
2. Terry Duffield, Clay County
3. Bill Parrish, Mannington
4. Dan Litten, Keyser

Weight Class 126
1. Dan Hoffman, Warwood
2. Boo Parrish, Spencer
3. Jack Stewart, Shady Spring
4. Keith Shaffer, Buffalo

Weight Class 132
1. Ron Stanley, Warwood
2. Dave May, Bridgeport
3. Bob Withrow, Greenbrier West
4. Bob Prince, Shady Spring

Weight Class 138
1. Eric Jefferson, University
2. Marshall Hensley, Buffalo
3. Jim Wilhelm, Bridgeort
4. Earl O'Brien, Spencer

Weight Class 145
1. Mike Geary, Petersburg
2. Jim Thompson, Keyser
3. Joe Greschner, Warwood
4. Mike Wood, Shady Spring

Weight Class 155
1. Wesley Payne, Big Creek
2. Terry Creak, Bridgeport
3. Mike Mortis, Warwood
4. Roger Everett, St Marys

Weight Class 167
1. Frank Workman, Poca
2. Jim Perry, Warwood
3. Walter Meadows, Walton
4. Harding Howell, University

Weight Class 185
1. Paul Metz, St Marys
2. Tom Hale, Big Creek
3. Mike Ruggieri, Clay County
4. David Kirby, Milton

Weight Class UNL
1. Steve Doe, Warwood
2. Vacant
3. Rocky Fox, Berkeley Springs
4. Danny Billups, Milton

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