West Virginia Wrestling

1978 West Virginia AA/A State Wrestling Tournament

Date: February 23-25, 1978

Location: Huntington Civic Center

Team Scores

1.Mannington 80.5
2.Buffalo-Wayne 78.5
3. Hurricane 71.5
4.Spencer 56.5
5.Big Creek 56
6.Magnolia 46
7.Wirt County 36
8.Shady Spring 26
9.Winfild 23.5
10.Nicholas County 22.5
10.Williamstown 22.5
12.Cameron 20.5
13.Berkeley Springs 18
14.Parkersburg Catholic 16
14.Gary 16
16.Dunbar 16
17.Iaeger 14.5
17.Clay County 14.5
19.Frankfort 12
19.Richwood 12
21.Poca 8
22.Milton 5
23.Morgantown University 2.5
24.Central Preston 2
25.Washington Irving 2


Note: Eight man brackets. Champions and runners-up from each of four regions qualified for the state tournament. Matches marked with ?? in the results indicate no results available for manner of victory


Weight: 098
1st: Doug Blake, Cameron
2nd: Steve Booth, Buffalo
3rd: Tony Tossone, Mannington
4th: Calvin Wears, Winfield

Weight: 105
1st: David Farley, Shady Spring
2nd: K. Meade, Gary
3rd: Roger Watson, Mannington
4th: Mike Pantone, Magnolia

Weight: 112
1st: Anthony Simms, Nicholas County
2nd: L. Addair, Iaeger
3rd: Rick Harkness, Wirt County
4th: Kevin Nutter, Spencer

Weight: 119
1st: Matt Ashley, Spencer
2nd: B. Baker, Big Creek
3rd: B. Lane, Clay County
4th: S. Harvey, Berkeley Springs

Weight: 126
1st: Kyle Casto, Williamstown
2nd: Mark Fluharty, Mannington
3rd: K. Smith, Magnolia
4th: G. McBee, Berkeley Springs

Weight: 132
1st: Les Ray, Buffalo
2nd: F. Wears, Winfield
3rd: Steve Cvetnick, Richwood
4th: M. Morris, Mannington

Weight: 138
1st: Bill Blatt, Buffalo
2nd: Tim Byard, Mannington
3rd: J. Patterson, Hurricane
4th: Mark Marshall, Magnolia

Weight: 145
1st: Chuck Angle, Buffalo
2nd: Jerry Bishop, Hurricane
3rd: Carey Michael, Magnolia
4th: Chris Craddock, Spencer

Weight: 155
1st: Wes Payne, Big Creek
2nd: M. Williams, Mannington
3rd: J. Burns, Wirt County
4th: Rusty Lucas, Spencer

Weight: 167
1st: Dale Slack, Hurricane
2nd: L. Jones, Big Creek
3rd: Terry Kendall, Spencer
4th: D. Foster, Milton

Weight: 185
1st: Brian Ferguson, Wirt County
2nd: Lou Thomas, Parkersburg Catholic
3rd: Rick Gibson, Poca
4th: J. Lynch, Shady Spring

Weight: UNL
1st: Bob Gibson, Hurricane
2nd: Ed Keiffer, Dunbar
3rd: L. Fridley, Frankfort
4th: Tom Sherry, Mannington


098 Doug Blake, Cameron Dec Steve Booth, Buffalo, 14-3
105 David Farley, Shady Spring Dec K. Meade, Gary, 4-3
112 Anthony Simms, Nicholas County Dec L. Addair, Iaeger, 11-8
119 Matt Ashley, Spencer Fall B. Baker, Big Creek, 2.23
126 Kyle Casto, Williamstown Dec Mark Fluharty, Mannington, 9-1
132 Les Ray, Buffalo Dec F. Wears, Winfield, 23-6
138 Bill Blatt, Buffalo Dec Tim Byard, Mannington, 9-8
145 Chuck Angle, Buffalo Dec Jerry Bishop, Hurricane, 7-0
155 Wes Payne, Big Creek Fall M. Williams, Mannington, 1.17
167 Dale Slack, Hurricane Dec L. Jones, Big Creek, 12-3OT
185 Brian Ferguson, Wirt County Dec Lou Thomas, Parkersburg Catholic, 8-7
UNL Bob Gibson, Hurricane Fall Ed Keiffer, Dunbar, 5.26

098 Tony Tossone, Mannington Dec Calvin Wears, Winfield, 3-1OT
105 Roger Watson, Mannington Dec Mike Pantone, Magnolia, 8-1
112 Rick Harkness, Wirt County Dec Kevin Nutter, Spencer, 7-6
119 B. Lane, Clay County Dec S. Harvey, Berkeley Springs, 8-0
126 K. Smith, Magnolia Dec G. McBee, Berkeley Springs 4-0
132 Steve Cvetnick, Richwood Dec M. Morris, Mannington, 1-0
138 J. Patterson, Hurricane Dec Mark Marshall, Magnolia, 8-6
145 Carey Michael, Magnolia Dec Chris Craddock, Spencer, 5-4
155 J. Burns, Wirt County Dec Rusty Lucas, Spencer, 6-5
167 Terry Kendall, Spencer Dec D. Foster, Milton, 5-0
185 Rick Gibson, Poca Dec J. Lynch, Shady Spring, 12-6
UNL L. Fridley, Frankfort Fall Tom Sherry, Mannington, 5.20

Round by Round

Championship - Quarterfinals

Weight: 098
Tony Tossone (R2), Mannington Fall Larry Wright (C1), Spencer
Steve Booth (C3), Buffalo Dec M. Morrelo (R4), Greenbrier West
Calvin Wears (R3), Winfield Dec Jack Whitley (C4), Iaeger, ??
Doug Blake (C2), Cameron Dec T. Icenhower (R1), Ravenswood, ??

Weight: 105
Mike Pantone (C1), Magnolia Fall R. Hannah (R3), Clay County
David Farley (C4), Shady Spring Dec T. Helmick (R2), Petersburg
K. Meade (R4), Gary Dec Roger Watson (C2), Mannington
J. Wallace (C3), Buffalo Dec T. Young (R1), Wheeling Central

Weight: 112
L. Addair (R4), Iaeger Dec Kevin Nutter (C1), Spencer
D. Hart (R3), Hurricane Dec W. Jones (C2), University
S. Thorn (R2), Central Preston Dec Monty Burks (C3), Winfield
Anthony Simms (C4), Nicholas County Dec Rick Harkness (R1), Wirt County

Weight: 119
Matt Ashley (C1), Spencer Fall M. Miller (R2), Cameron
B. Lane (C3), Clay County Fall D. Jones (R4), Greenbrier West
B. Baker (C4), Big Creek Fall J. Hesson (R3), Poca
S. Harvey (C2), Berkeley Springs Fall A. Goddard (R1), Magnolia

Weight: 126
Kyle Casto (C1), Williamstown Fall Sam Cunningham (R3), Dunbar
G. McBee (R2), Berkeley Springs Dec B. Perdue (C4), Independence
Mark Fluharty (C2), Mannington Dec K. Wilson (R4), Shady Spring
K. Smith (R1), Magnolia Dec J. Armstrong (C3), Hurricane

Weight: 132
Steve Belcher (C1), Magnolia Fall Johnny Walker (R4), Shady Spring
F. Wears (R3), Winfield Dec M. Morris (C2), Mannington
Les Ray (C3), Buffalo Dec R. Bonner (R2), Frankfort
Steve Cvetnick (C4), Richwood Dec Greg Morris (R1), Ravenswood, ??

Weight: 138
Mark Marshall (C1), Magnolia Dec J.Morris (R2), Frankfort, ??
Bill Blatt (C3), Buffalo Fall D. Jones (R4), Greenbrier West
J. Patterson (R3), Hurricane Dec J. Thompson (C4), Shady Spring
Tim Byard (C2), Mannington Dec R. Corbin (R1), Ravenswood

Weight: 145
Jerry Bishop (R3), Hurricane Fall Chris Craddock (C1), Spencer
Rick Leggett (C4), Nicholas County Dec E. Bosley (R2), Frankfort
D. Jefferson (C2), University Dec J. Walker (R4), Greenbrier West
Chuck Angle (C3), Buffalo Dec Carey Michael (R1), Magnolia

Weight: 155
Rusty Lucas (C1), Spencer Fall J. Settle (R4), Shady Spring
M. Williams (C2), Mannington Fall S. Good (R3), Dunbar
Robert Carter (C3), Clay County Dec R. Fisher (R2), Frankfort
Wes Payne (C4), Big Creek Dec J. Burns (R1), Wirt County, ??

Weight: 167
Terry Kendall (C1), Spencer Fall D. Babuschak (R2), Bridgeport
Dale Slack (C3), Hurricane Dec M. Bonnett (R4), Webster County
L. Jones (C4), Big Creek Fall D. Foster (R3), Milton
J. Boggs (C2), Washington Irving Dec R. Jones (R1), Magnolia

Weight: 185
Lou Thomas (C1), Parkersburg Catholic Fall Tom Vaughn (R3), Clay County
J. Lynch (C4), Shady Spring Dec R. Morrison (R2), Bridgeport
C. Trump (C2), Berkeley Springs Dec Brent Skidmore (R4), Webster County
Brian Ferguson (R1), Wirt County Dec Rick Gibson (C3), Poca

Weight: UNL
Bob Parker (C1), Magnolia Fall Rod Harris (R4), Richwood
Ed Keiffer (R3), Dunbar Dec Tom Sherry (C2), Mannington
Bob Gibson (C3), Hurricane Dec L. Fridley (R2), Frankfort
Leroy Hanshaw (C4), Nicholas County Dec Jim Mahan (R1), Ravenswood

Championship - Semifinals

Weight: 098
Steve Booth (C3), Buffalo Fall Tony Tossone (R2), Mannington
Doug Blake (C2), Cameron Dec Calvin Wears (R3), Winfield

Weight: 105
David Farley (C4), Shady Spring Dec Mike Pantone (C1), Magnolia
K. Meade (R4), Gary Fall J. Wallace (C3), Buffalo

Weight: 112
L. Addair (R4), Iaeger Dec D. Hart (R3), Hurricane
Anthony Simms (C4), Nicholas County Dec S. Thorn (R2), Central Preston

Weight: 119
Matt Ashley (C1), Spencer Fall B. Lane (C3), Clay County
B. Baker (C4), Big Creek Fall S. Harvey (C2), Berkeley Springs

Weight: 126
Kyle Casto (C1), Williamstown Fall G. McBee (R2), Berkeley Springs
Mark Fluharty (C2), Mannington Dec K. Smith (R1), Magnolia

Weight: 132
F. Wears (R3), Winfield Dec Steve Belcher (C1), Magnolia
Les Ray (C3), Buffalo Fall Steve Cvetnick (C4), Richwood

Weight: 138
Bill Blatt (C3), Buffalo Dec Mark Marshall (C1), Magnolia
Tim Byard (C2), Mannington Dec J. Patterson (R3), Hurricane

Weight: 145
Jerry Bishop (R3), Hurricane Fall Rick Leggett (C4), Nicholas County
Chuck Angle (C3), Buffalo Dec D. Jefferson (C2), University

Weight: 155
M. Williams (C2), Mannington Dec Rusty Lucas (C1), Spencer
Wes Payne (C4), Big Creek Dec Robert Carter (C3), Clay County

Weight: 167
Dale Slack (C3), Hurricane Dec Terry Kendall (C1), Spencer
L. Jones (C4), Big Creek Dec J. Boggs (C2), Washington Irving

Weight: 185
Lou Thomas (C1), Parkersburg Catholic Fall J. Lynch (C4), Shady Spring
Brian Ferguson (R1), Wirt County Dec C. Trump (C2), Berkeley Springs

Weight: UNL
Ed Keiffer (R3), Dunbar Fall Bob Parker (C1), Magnolia
Bob Gibson (C3), Hurricane Dec Leroy Hanshaw (C4), Nicholas County

Consolation - Semifinals

Weight: 098
Tony Tossone (R2), Mannington Dec M. Morrelo (R4), Greenbrier West, ??
Calvin Wears (R3), Winfield Dec T. Icenhower (R1), Ravenswood, ??

Weight: 105
Mike Pantone (C1), Magnolia Dec T. Helmick (R2), Petersburg, ??
Roger Watson (C2), Mannington Dec J. Wallace (C3), Buffalo, ??

Weight: 112
Kevin Nutter (C1), Spencer Dec D. Hart (R3), Hurricane, ??
Rick Harkness (R1), Wirt County Dec S. Thorn (R2), Central Preston, ??

Weight: 119
B. Lane (C3), Clay County Dec M. Miller (R2), Cameron, ??
S. Harvey (C2), Berkeley Springs Dec J. Hesson (R3), Poca, ??

Weight: 126
G. McBee, Berkeley Springs (R2) Dec Sam Cunningham (R3), Dunbar, ??
K. Smith (R1), Magnolia Dec K. Wilson (R4), Shady Spring, ??

Weight: 132
M. Morris (C2), Mannington Dec Steve Belcher (C1), Magnolia, ??
Steve Cvetnick (C4), Richwood Dec R. Bonner (R2), Frankfort, ??

Weight: 138
Mark Marshall (C1), Magnolia Dec D. Jones (R4), Greenbrier West, ??
J. Patterson (R3), Hurricane Dec R. Corbin (R1), Ravenswood, ??

Weight: 145
Chris Craddock (C1), Spencer Dec Rick Leggett (C4), Nicholas County, ??
Carey Michael (R1), Magnolia Dec D. Jefferson (C2), University, ??

Weight: 155
Rusty Lucas (C1), Spencer Dec S. Good (R3), Dunbar, ??
J. Burns (R1), Wirt County Dec Robert Carter (C3), Clay County, ??

Weight: 167
Terry Kendall (C1), Spencer Dec M. Bonnett (R4), Webster County, ??
D. Foster (R3), Milton Dec J. Boggs (C2), Washington Irving, ??

Weight: 185
J. Lynch (C4), Shady Spring Dec Tom Vaughn (R3), Clay County, ??
Rick Gibson (C3), Poca Dec C. Trump (C2), Berkeley Springs, ??

Weight: UNL
Tom Sherry (C2), Mannington Dec Bob Parker (C1), Magnolia, ??
L. Fridley (R2), Frankfort Dec Leroy Hanshaw (C4), Nicholas County, ??

Tournament Program Features

Brackets from the tournament program AT THIS LINK

Tournament program features on Wes Payne of Big Creek,
Terry Weigel of Weir, Matt Ashley of Spencer,
and Pat Sole of Parkersburg South.

Also, a tournament program feature regarding
Leland Merrill, reproduced AT THIS LINK

Officials: John Snively, Joe Grass, David Jeffrey, Paul Lemery, Robert DeLorenzo, James C. Feltz

Tournament program feature on officials AT THIS LINK

Thanks to Randy Edrington

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