West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament, 1997-98

AA/A 145

Regional Key: C = Champion; R = Runner up; T = Third place; F = Fourth; # = Region
Example: C4 means "Champion from Region 4"

Name/School Quarterfinal SemifinalFinal Champion
C1-Denny Lebec, Oak Glen, sr, 24-10 Lebec, F0:48 Lebec, F3:28 Lebec, 10-6 Lebec, 6-4
F2-Jason Byrd, South Harrison, jr, 19-20
R3- Mark Petty, East Bank, sr, 36-4 Petty, F1:25
T4- Roy Francis, Liberty Raleigh, so, 15-17
C2- Jason Seville, Berkeley Springs, jr, 38-6 Seville, F3:05 Seville, F4:25
F1-Andrew Tomshak, Madonna, jr, 5-13
R4- Doug Young, Richwood, sr, 9-14 Dauch, F4:24
T3- Jon Dauch, Ravenswood, jr, 24-18
C3- Scott Burgy, Wirt County, sr, 35-8 Burgy, F3:34 Burgy, 6-5 Sisk, 9-7 ot
F4- Allen Poff, Fayetteville, jr, 15-21
R1- Jason Snider, Tyler Consolidated, so, 24-11 Snider, F2:25
T2-John Maybury, Keyser, so, 24-13
C4- Brandon DeBoard, Independence, jr, 19-17 DeBoard, 14-12 Sisk, F2:00
F3-Mike Goff, Ritchie County, so, 23-15
R2- Morgan Sisk, Petersburg, sr, 35-2 Sisk, F2:58
T1- Terry Kimball, St Marys, jr, 21-16

Consolation Bracket -- AA/A 145 lbs

Loser champ round 1 Loser champ quarter vs winner cons round 1 Cons quarterLoser champ semi vs winner cons quarter Cons finalThird place
Seville, BS Seville, 15-0 Seville, 8-6
Snider, TC Snider, F2:07 Snider, 6-4 ot
Byrd, SH Byrd, F1:45
Francis, LR
DeBoard, Ind Tomshak, 13-2
Tomshak, Mad Tomshak, 4-2
Young, Rich
Burgy, Wirt Burgy, F3:44
Petty, EB Maybury, 14-5 Maybury, 4-2
Poff, Fay Maybury, F0:41
Maybury, Key
Dauch, Rav Dauch, 3-2
Goff, Rit Goff, 24-6
Kimball, St M

Fifth Place -- AA/A 145 lbs

Loser consolation semiFifth place
Snider, TC Snider, 15-6
Maybury, Key

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