West Virginia State High School Wrestling Tournament, 1997-98

AAA 119

Regional Key: C = Champion; R = Runner up; T = Third place; F = Fourth; # = Region
Example: C4 means "Champion from Region 4"

Name/School Quarterfinal SemifinalFinal Champion
C1-Matt George, Parkersburg, so, 33-4 George, F0:36 George, 11-1 George, 4-2 George, 3-2
F4-Josh Thumb, Herbert Hoover, fr, 17-12
R2-Pat Whitmore, Hedgesville, sr, 34-3 Whitmore, 5-4
T3- Todd Arbes, Cabell Midland, so, 21-8
C4- Joey Mayle, Buckhannon Upshur, so, 32-5 Mayle, 3-1 Chirgwin, 4-3
F1- Kenny Griffin, University, so, 30-7
R3- J.C. Chirgwin, Huntington, sr, 29-5 Chirgwin, 4-0
T2- Josh Staubs, Martinsburg, jr, 30-9
C2-Ryan Ford, Fairmont Senior, sr, 33-13 Ford, 11-5 Stanley, 5-3 Stanley, F5:53
F3-Chris Heslep, Geo Washington, sr, 16-18
R1-Dan Stanley, Brooke, jr, 39-5 Stanley, 5-3
T4-Derrick Cooper, Ripley, fr, 17-26
C3- Jeremy Burris, Point Pleasant, sr, 38-5 Burris, DE inj Burris, 9-6
F2-Josh Starsick, North Marion, sr, 18-14
R4- Tony Reese, Greenbrier East, jr, 22-10 Cox, 18-2 tf
T1- Justin Cox, Parkersburg South, jr, 18-13

Consolation Bracket -- AAA 119 lbs

Loser champ round 1 Loser champ quarter vs winner cons round 1 Cons quarterLoser champ semi vs winner cons quarter Cons finalThird place
Chirgwin, Hunt Griffin, 3-1 ot Burris, 4-3
Ford, FS Ford, 12-5 Griffin, dec ot cri
Thumb, HH Arbes, 5-3
Arbes, CM
Cox, PS Griffin 10-8
Griffin, Univ Griffin, 8-5
Staubs, Martins
Burris, PP Burris, 3-0
Whitmore, Hed Whitmore F4:11 Mayle, 4-2
Heslep, GW Cooper, 9-0
Cooper, Ripley
Mayle, BU Mayle, 6-4
Starsick, NM Starsick, 16-3
Reese, Gr E

Fifth Place -- AAA 119 lbs

Loser consolation semiFifth place
Chrigwin, Hunt Mayle, 5-2
Mayle, BU

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