West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

Today, I have the extreme pleasure of announcing Mat Talk's 2003-04, 17th Annual "OVAC Ohio and West Virginia Wrestlers of the Year."

The honorees are determined by a committee of five Ohio Valley wrestling enthusiasts, which includes and is chaired by yours truly. As always, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill Hinegardner (1984 Mr. Mat), Ron Mauck (1986 Mr. Mat), Dave Kovalick (1988 Mr. Mat), and Dick Wolf (OVAC Souvenir Program Coordinator) for graciously volunteering to serve on this selection board. I have never worked with a more sincere and honorable group of men.

The recipients must be seniors and are chosen on the basis of personal wrestling accomplishments over their entire scholastic careers. This year's winners are Koel Davia of Union Local High School and Cameron's Casey Hughes.

Union Local High School

* 2004 Ohio Division III State Champion at 275 Pounds
* Three-Time Ohio Division III State Champion at 275 Pounds
* Koel's only the 2nd wrestler in the Ohio State Championships' history to win three state titles at 275 (HWT). It was last accomplished in 1954 (50 years ago). * 2003 OVAC Champion
* Four-Time OVAC Tournament Placewinner
* 2004 District Champion
* Two-Time Barnesville Invitational Champion
* Four-Time John Glenn Invitational Champion
* Two-Time River Duals Champion
* Overall Record: 167-27 (2nd best OVAC win record) & Senior Record: 49-2
* Grade Point Average: 2.70
(Koel Davia plans to attend college but is undecided at this time.)

Cameron High School
* 2004 West Virginia AA State Champion at 145 Pounds
* Three-Time West Virginia AA State Champion
*Four Time West Virginia AA State Placewinner
* 2004 OVAC Tournament Champion
* Four-Time OVAC Tournament Placewinner
* Three-Time Cameron Tn-State Tournament Champion
* River Invitational Tournament Champion
* Bellaire Duals Tournament Champion
* Overall Record: 143-25 Senior Record: 41-0
* Grade Point Average: 3.90 with an ACT score of 29
(Casey Hughes is considering attending West Virginia University)

(26th Edition)

Since this is the last Mat Talk column of the season, it is again time for my faithful readers to be tested on the facts disseminated throughout the series. There are no grades given, but you can rate yourselves.

True or False
1. There are no longer any individual ties in wrestling.
2. A wrestler who scores the first point(s) in the match receives choice of position in the 30-second Tiebreaker.
3. The coach can not default his wrestler.
4. Excessive false starts can never disqualify a wrestler.
5. A fall scores the same amount of team points in a dual meet and a tournament.

Short Answers
6. What is intentionally throwing the headgear in wrestling designated as in the rulebook?
7. How many match points are awarded for a takedown right to the back, with the match being stopped due to the bottom man crying out that he is injured?
8. If Wrestler A applies a straight body scissors for pain alone, and Wrestler B can not continue, who wins the match?
9. What can eliminate a wrestler from competing in a dual meet or tournament before it starts?
10. If a wrestler secures a takedown while his opponent applies a figure-4 head scissors, how many points would lie receive?

Mat Message
"Keep some souvenirs of the past, or how will you ever prove it wasn't all a dream.
-- Ashleigh Brilliant

Answers to Mat Talk Final Exam:
1. True; 2. True; 3. False; 4. True; 5. False; 6. Unsportsmanlike Conduct; 7. Five Match Points; 8. Wrestler B; 9. Not Making Weight; 10. Three Match Points.

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