West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

Christmas Thoughts...

During this time of the year, we are all filled with the Christmas spirit. No one puts more effort into making the Holiday Season a joyous occasion for their children than mothers. Today, I am going to share with you my wonderful memories I have about Mother.

As a teacher, my mom was always there to help me with my studies. She would spend hours with me until I understood the concept being taught, even when I was frustrated.

As a protector, whenever I got into trouble with Dad, she would calm him down and save me from dire consequences (at times). She even went as far as to tell Dad little "white lies" to save my hide. Thanks, Mom.

As a chauffer, Mom would take me and friends to smallfry wrestling matches, Little League baseball games, and many, many school events without complaint. You don't realize these sacrifices until later in life.

As a God-fearing woman, Mom made sure we never missed church. She had lots of problems with me. First it was dressing, I hated wearing starched shirts and those wool suits were unbearable. At least, I only got kicked out of Sunday once. She taught me my faith in God. As far as participating in sports, she also taught me to pray for my opponents because they were God's children, too.

As a school teacher - yes, I had Mom as a substitute teacher - she was loved by the kids. I behaved in her classes. I've had my share of discipline problems in school. Every teacher has methods of discipline in the classroom. Mom had one for me -- Dad. I was very well behaved.

Oh, she also taught me and my schoolmates a lot; she knew her subject area and spent hours on lesson plans, even as a substitute. She made me proud, but I couldn't let her or my friends know.

As a cook and domestic engineer, my brother and I were always fed well, three times a day. As a matter of fact, I remember coming home at lunchtime in grade school, and Mom would have my grilled cheese sandwich and Ovaltine ready. I used to dip the sandwich in the Ovaltine and watch Captain Midnight, Soupy Sales, Howdy Dowdy, or Chief Halftown (out of Philadelphia). A few of these TV personalities should bring back memories for you older readers out there. It was great!

The house was always in perfect condition, and Floyd and I always went to school clean and properly dressed in ironed clothes. Sorry, Teresa Kerry, homemakers do to have a very difficult and important job, and they don't get paid!

As a high school wrestling mom, my mother was no different than many mothers today. She would leave the gym when Floyd or I wrestled, waiting for Dad to tell her the good or bad news. Mom was always very thankful that Floyd and I did the same in high school. We both won states and were state runners-up. This is where Floyd and I disagree with Mom.

Yes, it is Christmastime, a time when "love" is the dominant theme. And there is no greater unconditional love on Earth than a mother's love. Thanks, Mom, for filling my childhood with joy. I love you, Mom. (Author's note: My mother, Dorothy Irene Welker, will be 88 on December 28th, and she's still sharp as a tack.)

Mat Message
"Excuses are like sewers. Every street has one and they all stink "
-- Bill Welker

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Updated March 25, 1999