West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

Part I

In compliance with the national weight management program, the West Virginia SSAC has restructured the weight management program for all high schools in the state. The schools will utilize the National Wrestling Coaches Association's (NWCA) On-Line Weight Management Program.

The primary purpose for this program is to insure the future and safety of scholastic wrestling programs in West Virginia. The program is designed to assist in avoiding harmful weight reduction practices.

Starting this year, each wrestler will be screened by an assessor for hydration level of the body and body fat. All wrestling coaches should incorporate a nutritional component on proper dieting and food-intake for daily consumption, which the new NWCA program will provide.

The weight assessment must take place prior to the wrestler competing interscholastically. Any violation of the assessment procedure or weight management program during the season MUST be reported to the WVSSAC office. Hydration Assessment

Specific gravity assessment of the urine will determine whether a candidate may participate in the skinfold measurement process. If the wrestler has a specific gravity level greater than 1.025g/ml, he/she is considered dehydrated may NOT be assessed for body fat composition.

It is up to the assessor to determine the procedure for collecting urine samples and administering the urine specific-gravity test, utilizing current dated reagent strips. This will eliminate any falsification of results.

The proper sequence of the assessment procedure is (1) the urine test, (2) weigh the wrestler, (3) the Skinfold test. Keep in mind, if the wrestler fails the urine test, he/she must wait 24 hours to be retested. The wrestler can only be weighed and assessed for body fat composition upon passing the urine test.

Skinfold Assessment
Those meeting the specific hydration requirement will proceed to the area where they will be weighed and the skinfold assessment for body fat composition will be administered. The assessor should have total control of this area so that accurate readings are determined and properly recorded. Again, the wrestler must be allowed confidentially regarding his recorded information.

Calculations on NWCA website will determine each wrestler's Optimum Performance weight and at which weight class he or she is allowed to wrestle as well as when he can compete at that weight.

In Part II, you will be exposed to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our new weight management.

(Editor's Note: The new weight management procedures in West Virginia are slightly different from Ohio's format. You must contact the Ohio High Schools Athletic Association for their weight management program.)

Team Scoring and Tiebreakers in Dual Meets
The chart for team and match scoring at dual meets is as follows:
Team Scoring
3 points: Decision (1-7 point spread)
4 points: Major Decision (8-14 point spread)
5 points: Technical Fall (15 or more point spread)
6 points: Fall, Forfeit, default, or disqualification
Remember, this is team scoring for dual meets, not tournaments. We will discuss tournament team scoring next week.

In dual meet competition, if the team score concludes in a draw or tie, the winning team would be determined by the following criteria:
1) The team that has received the fewest points for flagrant misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct shall be declared the winner.
2) The team that has won the greater number of matches (including forfeits) shall be declared the winner.
3) The team that has accumulated the greatest number of points from falls, defaults, forfeits, or disqualifications shall be declared the winner.
4) The team that has earned the greater number of points from technical falls shall be declared the winner.
5) The team that has earned the greater number of points from major decisions shall be declared the winner.
6) The team having the greater number of total match points of first points scored shall be declared the winner.
7) The team securing the greater number of near-fall points will be declared the winner.
8) The team securing the greater number of takedown points will be declared the winner.
9) The team having the greater number of reversals will be declared the winner.
10) The team having the greater number of escapes will be declared the winner.
11) The team whose opponent has been penalized more often for stalling will be declared the winner.
12) The team whose opponent has been warned more often for stalling shall be declared the winner.
13) The team whose opponent has the greater number of penalty points for all other infractions shall be declared the winner.
14) If none of the above resolves the tie, a flip of the referee's disk will determine the winner.

Upon determining the winning team, a single team point will be added to the winning team's score.

Mini-Mat Quiz
Q: Wrestler A won his match 17-2. How many points would he score for his team and what type of win would this be?
A: He would score 5 points for his team with a technical fall.

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Mat Notes
The Coach Joe Thomas OVAC Wrestler of the Week and the Deaton-Regis Picks of the Week by Larry Deaton - dean of Ohio Valley wrestling officials - and Jack Regis - another longtime OVAC mat arbiter - will return to this space as the mat season picks up steam.

Mat Message
"The same fence that shuts others out shut you in."
-- Bill Copeland

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