West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on the Championship Wrestler

What are the makings of a champion wrestler?

I have mentioned time and again in my writings that the "champion" is willing to go that "extra mile" to succeed in his sport. Of course, such dedicated effort includes pushing oneself at practice and drilling to perfect moves. He eats properly and seeks out the most challenging adversaries in pracitce and competition. But most importantly, he is able to face up to his athletic failings without making excuses. Yet, it doesn't end here.

A belief in oneself and his abilities is a must for winning performances. At this point, you might ask, "How does one develop such inner strength?" Well, the answer is mental stimulation.

Yes, the champion mentally views the perfection of his moves and victories. He does it in the following manner:
1. The champion mentally reenacts the maneuvers practiced after daily workout sessions are completed.
2. The champion pictures in his mind the moves he will successfully perform in competition.
3. The champion actually sees his hand being raised, prior to the competition.

Just as the superior student studies for an exam, so it is with the champion who mentally memorizes winning. Hence, positive mental training, as well as a desire to train to the fullest of one's ability, is an important element for developing into a wrestler of championship caliber.

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Updated September 30, 1998