West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on the Wrestling Coach's Wife

In my opinion, there is no one more loyal to a wrestling coach than his wife.

I, like so many mat mentors, was very fortunate to have my spouse, Margaret "Peggy" Welker, by my side during those trying years as a coach. She had the uncanny ability to know when to comfort me and when to give me a swift kick--you know where!

As I think back to all the numerous mat projects Peggy helped me with, I now wonder how she had so much energy. She had a full-time job, a house to manage, four kids to raise (coaches are rarely home), and still found time to support me in so many ways.

Dual meets and tournaments were no treat for her. Peggy would have to sit there and listen to spectators criticize her husband and not say a word, knowing that her children were also exposed to those angry and even foul-mouthed" remarks about their father. Many times after a match, my wife's face would be red with anger, having overheard some fans (from our team!) cast aspersions about her man.

Once my petite Peggy almost got into a fight defending my coaching honor. Now that's true loyalty! And knowing Peggy, I don't envy any individual who would be fool enough to mess with her.

In closing, I believe I speak for all West Virginia wrestling coaches, who have been blessed with spouses such as my wife, when I say that no matter how poorly the team performed or how badly the fans have abused the coach, there is always that one person standing tall by his side--"The loyal wife of the wrestling coach!"

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Updated January 11, 1999