West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Athletic Desire

DESIRE -- "The True Grit of Champions!"

No athlete can perform at his peak without the will to succeed or win. And, my friends, desire is the magical ingredient that produces these glorious victories. This exquisite essence, found only in bona fide champions, can be observed in the heat of practice, during the rigors of intense competition, and throughout their dynamic lives. In truth, such magnificent men fear nothing except the absence of the challenge. So, where do you fit into this spectrum of desire? Well, to find out, consider the following self-assessment scale.
Level of Desire Scale
0 percent: I won't. 60 percent: I might.
10 percent: I can't. 70 percent: I think I can.
20 percent: I don't know how. 80 percent: I can.
30 percent: I wish I could. 90 percent: I will.
40 percent: What is it? 95 percent: I did it.
50 percent: I think I might. 100 percent: I did it and I know I can do it again, even better!

I you ever find yourself functioning at the 100 percent level of desire, then (and only then) can you be counted among those shining stars who shun mediocrity in their quest for perfection.

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Updated October 29, 1998