West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Making Excuses

Today, a number of parents have found the panacea or cure-all for coping with their children's athletic failures. And that is to MAKE EXCUSES!

Yes, it's so much easier to criticize the coach or the official. This leaves the participant (son or daughter) totally "off-the-hook." You know, it takes moxie for a parent to be objective when his child falls short of winning. My father was of such a breed.

The story I am about to relate to you is what I learned from Dad, pertaining to "passing the buck." William Howard Welker watched my brother and me wrestle over 200 abouts during our mat stints (and we had our share of losses). Furthermore, I know that there were many questionable "calls" that didn't go our way. However, not once did Dad accuse the referee of cheating or the coach of letting his boys down. He placed the blame where it belonged--on our shoulders!

When either one of us lost a match, Father usually made one of the following "Seven-Cardinal- Sins-Of-Wrestling" statements:

Thus, in the future, consider the above comments before verbally abusing the "ref" or complaining to the coach. Sometimes, I think my father's generation was made of "sterner stuff." But I hope not, don't you?
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Updated July 21, 1997