West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

... on Wrestling and Hard Work

"The champion wrestler is neither selected nor born; he is self-formed.

Of course, the great wrestler possesses many admirable qualities. However, there are four prime attributes I consider to be a must--hustle, attitude, resolution, and desire (creating the acronym H.A.R.D.). Let's take a deeper look at each.

HUSTLE--The outstanding wrestler hustles all the time. During practice, his coach often has to tell him to take a break. Furthermore, this high-powered competitor is forever searching for someone better to wrestle. He's never satisfied with his performance and is constantly striving for perfection.

ATTITUDE--The superior wrestler has a positive attitude. He believes in himself and his capabilities. When others say, "You won't," he quietly asserts, "I will." The champion's total being radiates confidence.

RESOLUTION--The No. 1 matman illicits a most potent resolution. In truth, it is the pitfalls which make him that much more determined to succeed. He doesn't know the meaning of "quit."

DESIRE--The champion wrestler feeds on desire and perceives nothing less than being the best. There may be more skillful grapplers around but his hunger for victory will overcome them all. This winner believes in the adage, "I might be outclass but never outfought."

I am sure that everyone will agree it takes H.A.R.D. work to be on top. Oh yes, some have furtively whispered, "The champ seems a bit insane." However, none will ever forget his name.

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Updated June 22, 1997