West Virginia Wrestling


by Dr. Bill Welker

"The Perfect Wrestler"
(Part One)

Today, I am going to give you my perceptions of the qualities that the perfect high school wrestler should possess.

At Practice . . .

The perfect wrestler is constantly moving, be it drills, the workout session, running in place, etc. He is non-stop throughout the entire practice - an example by "doing" for other team members to follow.

During instructional time, he is listening intently to the coach's every word, and is not afraid to ask questions when confused by a point made. If there is a maneuver he would like to perfect, he will jot down the major points of the move, and drill on it every chance he gets at practice. The perfect wrestler knows that proper drill work (repeated over and over again) produces perfection.

He concludes the workout by practicing all the hygiene procedures necessary to avoid the many infections that now exist.

At Home . . .

The perfect wrestler stays on a strict weight management plan, which allows him to eat wholesome foods that will give him the endurance power he needs during the rigors of a tough match (6:00 pm to 6:30 pm).

After supper, he will devote approximately two hours (6:30 pm to 8:30 pm) to his studies. The perfect wrestler is also the ideal student-athlete.

He then devotes the next hour (8:30 pm to 9:30 pm) to conditioning. When possible, running outside with jog and sprint intervals. During inclement weather, he runs in place, utilizing the same intervals in doors.

Three of those nights (M-W-F), he cuts the running in half and devotes 30 minutes to lifting weights for endurance strength (10 to 20 reps per station), an important prerequisite for muscle power that lasts the duration of a grueling six-minute (or more) match.

After that, he takes ashower to cool down, and says a short prayer thanking God for giving you the physical attributes to participate in sports, and then hits the sack.

At School . . .

Remember, the main purpose of school is to acquire a well-rounded education, which includes your fullest attention in class. The perfect wrestler knows this, has properly prepared for every day, and knows how to take notes on the main points stressed by the teacher, and does not hesitate to ask questions.

Basically, it's the same dedicated procedure you developed for honing your wrestling skills at practice. But in school, the perfect wrestler concentrates entirely on cerebral development.

At Competition . . .

Win or lose, the perfect wrestler listens to his coach's words of wisdom. He also self-critiques his performance in the match - what he did right and what he needs to improve upon. He is intuitive enough to realize that "thinking before reacting" is cause for more "drill" time, so such moves become "instinctive" during dual meet and tournament competition.

He also shows strong character, not only by demonstrating positive sportsmanship traits after his match - win or lose, but also by supporting his teammates as they compete on the mats.

Next week, I will give a brief outline in reference to the perfect wrestler's activities and training routine during the off-season months.

I hope you're taking notes!

Illegal Holds

The best definition I have come across for an illegal holds is "any maneuver used that could cause bodily harm, intentionally or not." Examples of illegal moves include: full nelson, back bows, headlocks (without an arm encircled), forceful trips, pulling a thumb or less than four fingers, restricting breathing and/or circulation, and any holds used for punishment alone.

The penalties for illegal holds are assessed in the following order:
" First Offense: One match point for the opponent
" Second Offense: One match point for the opponent
" Third Offense: Two Match points for the opponent
" Fourth Offense: Disqualification

It is important to note that a wrestler who applies a legal hold shall not be penalized if his opponent turns it into an illegal hold.

Also, whenever possible, illegal moves should be prevented by an official rather than penalized. Unfortunately, the official often is not afforded the opportunity to intercede because the illegal maneuver happens so fast.

Mini-Mat Quiz
Q: Wrestler A applies an illegal full nelson to Wrestler B just before the final buzzer sounds to end the match. Wrestler A held a 12-5 lead at the time but this was his fourth illegal hold of the match. What will the referee do?
A: The official will disqualify Wrestler A, and Wrestler B would be declared the winner.

OVAC Joe Thomas Wrestling Warrior

Coach Joe Thomas OVAC Wrestling Warrior of the Week is union Local's Davy Wilson, who wrestles at 119 pounds. This "Jet" grappler placed third in the Barnesville Invitational, and fourth in the Shadyside Tournament. Last year, Wilson was a district qualifier.

Davy Wilson was a past winner of Union Local wrestling's "Okey Reitter Award" for his work ethic and attitude. Head coach Wade Smolira states, "Davy is a workhorse in the wrestling room, and makes those around him work harder." Congratulations are extended to Union Local's Davy Wilson - this week's OVAC Joe Thomas Wrestling Warrior.

OVAC Mark Gerrity Wrestling Fan of the Week

The OVAC Mark Gerrity Wrestling Fans of the Week are Union Local's Dave Gray, the Denny Sonk Family, the Ed Tacosik Family, the Tom Snyder Family, and the Gary Smolira Family. They all donate so much time and energy to Union Local wrestling when ever called upon to contribute to the program.

The Deaton-Regis Weekly Dual Meet Predictions

Larry Deaton and Jack Regis, two of the Valley's finest mat officials are competing with each other this season, picking the winners of selected matches.

This week's dual meets featured matches are East Liverpool at Oak Glen (6:00 p.m. on Wed.) and Cambridge at Wheeling Park (6:00 p.m. on Wed.)

Deaton picks Oak Glen over East Liverpool 41-27 and Cambridge over Wheeling Park 25-21. Regis calls Oak Glen over East Liverpool 39-28 and Wheeling Park over Cambridge 47-29.

Mat Message

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble."
- Bob Hope

(Dr. Bill Welker can be reached via e-mail at: mattalkwv@hotmail.com)
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